Trending Home Kitchen Products of 2013, from Home Ice Makers to Stand Mixers

It is always the case that just as we get used to a new year, it ends and the next one begins. Although 2013 seems to have flown by, it did generate a new selection of items that our customers simply couldn’t get enough of. To look back over the products that earned your support in the last year, we have compiled a collection of some of our biggest sellers and most popular residential products over the past 12 months.

This is no small feat. The last time the KaTom staff got together and counted through them, we found 192,956 products live on the site. To make it a little easier on you, we’ve whittled this down to our most treasured 10. Each item below has earned its place in this list because of you – our customers – and also the fantastic features and benefits of the products themselves.

So, in no particular order, here’s a review of the products that found that special place in your kitchen in 2013.

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Browne Porcelain Teapot Scotsman Home Ice Maker Focus Jupiter Manual Juicer Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Set Browne Pie Server
Manitowoc Ice Maker Omega Masticating Juicer KitchenAid Stand Mixer Hoshizaki Undercounter Ice Maker KitchenAid Pasta Excellence Set

Browne Foodservice 16-oz. Porcelain Teapot in White

White Tea pot

Tea has spent over 4,000 years developing into the hot beverage we love today. With such a rich history steeped in tradition, this drink doesn’t need a fanfare to be enjoyed. Browne’s 16-oz. teapot has the simplicity of white porcelain that goes hand in hand with the delicate colors and aromas of freshly brewed green or white tea. It won’t stain and has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to pour the perfect cup.

The heat-retention properties of porcelain make this Browne white porcelain teapot perfect for lazy afternoon tea, and the size is suited to personal use or for taking tea for two.

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Scotsman Undercounter Gourmet Cube Home Ice Maker

Scotsman Undercounter Ice Maker

There is something about crystal-clear ice cubes in a drink that seems to improve the taste. The Scotsman gourmet cube home ice maker produces up to 65-lbs. of perfectly clear cubes per day and has 26-lbs. of ice storage, so it is always ready when you need it. The benefits of clear ice are no illusion – it’s all down to this home ice maker’s purification process, detecting and purging hard water minerals that would otherwise cloud your drink and speed up the cube melting process.

The Scotsman CU50 creates restaurant quality ice cubes that don’t clump, melt slower, and give your drink that mouthwatering visual appeal. In addition, this ice machine is UL listed for outdoor use and makes the perfect party companion as the weather starts to warm up.

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Focus Foodservice Jupiter Large Juicer, Black

Jupiter Large Juicer

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, losing weight is the top resolution being made for the new year of 2014. Maybe this is one of the reasons why this Focus large lever-action juicer squeezed its way onto our most popular list for 2013. It can press fresh and healthy juices from oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes, and sifts out the pulp through a stainless steel strainer. Suction feet keep the unit firmly rooted on your countertop, and the rubberized handle makes it easy to grip. The key to the Jupiter juicer’s success is its enamel finish, which can resist corrosion and pitting from acidic juices, and the removable strainer cone and funnel cup that make cleaning a breeze.

For a nutrition-rich treat to kick start a healthy 2014, we recommend mixing one cup of a juice of your choice with a cup of ice, half a cup of plain yogurt, and a banana. Puree it together until smooth and enjoy!

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Five-Piece Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Set

Lodge 5-piece cast iron set

As it often goes with cast iron cookware, you either have your treasured pieces, or you’ve been longing to start your collection. In the last year, this popular five-piece Lodge cast iron cookware set made many kitchens complete and trended its way onto our top products list. Whether retiring an old pot or venturing into cast iron cooking for the first time, many people fall in love with Lodge cookware for its excellent non-stick properties and quality construction.

Made in the USA, this set includes a 10.5-in. round griddle, 8-in. and 10.25-in. skillets, 5-qt. Dutch oven, and a 10.25-in. cover that fits both the Dutch oven and the larger skillet. All pieces are pre-seasoned and ready to cook with, and cast iron is suitable for use on the stove top, in the oven, and even on camping trips and cookouts. This cast iron set might just have all the pieces that you need to get baking, frying, and creating, although we suspect this will be just the start of your collection. Perhaps the best part about Lodge cookware is that you are creating a new family heirloom with every piece bought.

While you’re cooking up your cornbread and daydreaming about the upcoming summer months, take a look at the Lodge camp cooking table with attachable windscreen – perfect for using with your Dutch oven and other cookware when barbecue seasons starts up again. Trust us, it will be here sooner than you think.

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Browne Flexible Pie Server

Brown Pie Server

The votes from last year are in – everybody loves pie! This Browne pie server does the most important job in the kitchen – bringing dessert to the people. With a stainless steel head, 10-in. handle, and 5-1/2 in. serrated blade down one edge, dessert can be cut and served without needing to carry multiple utensils. It is flexible enough to slide under crumbly crusts but retains enough strength to handle heavy desserts, such as thick cheesecake.

Chances are that you’ve been so preoccupied with the holiday season, you’ve forgotten all about National Pie Day 2014 on January 23rd. Take action now so you can serve up the perfect slice, with one of 2013’s most beloved kitchen tools.

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Manitowoc Ice Undercounter Home Ice Maker

Manitowoc Undercounter Ice Maker

Ever had that sinking feeling just before a party when you realize you forgot to switch the ice maker on? In 2013, many of you found the solution by buying the Manitowoc SM-50 ice cube machine. In a 24 hour period, this unit can create up to 53 pounds of ice, and has an automatic production mode with storage for 25 pounds to ensure there will always be fresh ice waiting for you.

But that’s not all this ice maker can do. If you look inside the ice you will see… nothing. This Manitowoc ice maker creates crystal-clear, impurity-free ice cubes with a 100 percent ice to water ratio and a satisfyingly glossy finish. These gourmet cubes melt much slower and therefore cause less dilution than traditional ‘cloudy’ ice.

Inside the machine, the water filtration system uses a scale inhibitor and depth filtration to keep water clean and tasty. A filter light even prompts you when it’s time to replace the filter, so there is no need to pencil it in the diary. The delay start option can be used to pause production for a set time, and cleaning is simple with a cleaning and sanitizing option on the control panel. The features of the Manitowoc SM-50 were obvious winners with our customers last year, giving this home ice maker a well-deserved spot in this list.

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Omega Masticating Juice Extractor with Auger

Omega Mastcating Juicer

This Omega juicer proved to be popular with our customers over the past year, so much so that it has firmly rooted itself amongst our best sellers of 2013. The nutritional benefits of fruit are common knowledge, but this is often overshadowed by the frustration of having to deal with peel, seed, and pulp, while failing to summon enough strength needed to manually juice it.

This masticating juicer takes all the stress out of being healthy as it twists and chews its way through fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and wheatgrass. The 8006 model maintains a low rotation speed of 80 RPMs with a single GE Ultem auger, which translates to less heat build-up and oxidation without sacrificing strength. The pulp comes out dryer while the juice pours out healthier. It automatically spits the pulp out into a separate container so you can continue juicing. Check out this blog post by The Kitchn on how to reuse your juicing leftovers in delicious dishes such as carrot cake and muffins.

This isn’t the only reason the Omega 8006 is firmly planted at the top of our products list. When it is not busy creating revitalizing beverages, the juice extractor grinds and minces coffee, herbs, and spices with its powerful 2-horsepower motor. It can also turn nuts into butter, extract soy milk from soybeans, and turn soft foods into baby foods.

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KitchenAid Artisan 5-qt. Stand Mixer in Aqua Sky Color

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

You can always trust KitchenAid to bring color into your kitchen. As it turns out, this Aqua Sky Artisan® stand mixer proved to be your absolute favorite from the wide range of colors available. But while you might already be sold by the mixer’s unfaltering good looks, we’d like to invite you to consider the other features that helped this product win the hearts of so many of our customers in 2013.

With 10 adjustable speeds and three mixing attachments, the KitchenAid stand mixer is very thorough at what it was designed to do. The mixing head hits 67 different points around the bowl on each rotation, driven by a high-performance motor, and can mash up to 7 pounds of potatoes in a single batch. The tilt-head design lifts back and locks to allow access to the bowl, and a clamping plate locks it in place during operation. A 5-quart capacity stainless steel work bowl and pouring shield are included with the mixer.

The Artisan® mixer sounds like a winner even if we were to stop here, but there’s much more. Built in to the front of the unit is a powered attachment hub, which is a gateway to many more functions. With additional attachments, your KitchenAid stand mixer turns into a pasta maker, cheese grater, sausage stuffer, food grinder, or grain mill. With over 12 of these attachments, and more than 25 other colors available for this model, you really can create your own kitchen masterpiece with this winning mixer.

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Hoshizaki Undercounter Ice Maker

Hoshizaki Undercounter Ice Maker

It may be our third ice maker to make an appearance in this list, but this doesn’t mean the Hoshizaki AM-50BAE isn’t special. On the contrary, our customers love the quiet operation and easy installation provided by this home ice maker. Another selling point is the top-hat style of ice produced, which has fewer impurities than regular cubes and a transparent, unblemished appearance. The unit can produce up to 55 pounds of clear ice in a 24-hour period and stores 22 pounds in the lower bin.

Another feature worth boasting about on this Hoshizaki home ice maker is the surgical-grade stainless steel evaporator, which can be cleaned with almost any cleaner without corroding. Stainless steel is also used on the exterior of the ice maker to add durability, and a UL listing for outdoor use means that it can be situated outside for poolside parties or other events where ice is constantly required. With fewer moving parts in the condenser than other ice makers and a durable construction, this compact, 34-inch tall home ice machine is built for a long life.

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KitchenAid Pasta Excellence Set

KitchenAid Pasta Maker Attachment

Last on our list, but by no means less important, is the KitchenAid Pasta Excellence Set. This collection of six all-metal rollers features a pasta roller, fettuccine cutter, spaghetti cutter, angel hair cutter, wide noodle cutter, and ravioli maker. From thick to thin, the KitchenAi

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