Open Air Cooler

Set up correctly, this equipment can help you effectively market cold products and increase impulse sales. Buying the right one comes down to understanding how you'll be using it. Know what types of items you'll want to display and the number of each. Find the dimensions of the space in which you want to install your equipment, as well. Having that information will help you determine the design, size, and refrigeration system that will work best. More

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True Refrigeration TAC-48-LD
True TAC-48-LD 48" Vertical Open Air Cooler w/ (5) Levels, Black,...

SKU: 598-TAC48BK

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Turbo Air TOM48DX
Turbo Air TOM48DX 48" Vertical Open Air Cooler w/ (5) Levels, 115...

SKU: 083-TOM48DX

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True Refrigeration THAC-60-S
True THAC-60-S 60" Horizontal Open Air Cooler w/ (3) Levels, 115v

SKU: 598-THAC60S

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Turbo Air TOM-50MB
Turbo Air TOM-50MB 50" Vertical Open Air Cooler w/ (4) Levels, 11...

SKU: 083-TOM50MB

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Turbo Air TOM-50LB
Turbo Air TOM-50LB 50" Horizontal Open Air Cooler w/ (2) Level, 1...

SKU: 083-TOM50LB

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Federal Industries IMSS84SC-2
Federal Industries IMSS84SC-2 84" Horizontal Open Air Cooler w/ (...

SKU: 204-IMSS84SC2

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True Refrigeration TAC-30-LD
True TAC-30-LD 30" Vertical Open Air Cooler w/ (5) Levels, 115v

SKU: 598-TAC30

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Master-bilt VOAM36-72  1115V
Master-bilt VOAM36-72 1115V 36" Verticle Open Air Refrigerated M...

SKU: 050-VOAM3672

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Master-bilt BMOA-74
Master-bilt BMOA-74 78" Vertical Open Air Cooler w/ (4) Levels, 2...


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This equipment is used to merchandise everything from bottled drinks to packaged sandwiches, and is available in a number of sizes and designs. First, find an appropriate space to dedicate to the unit. Because they're meant to be convenient to your customers, you want them in an area that is visible and accessible. It's best to place them out of direct sunlight and away from doors and HVAC registers - drafty conditions can interfere with the cooling process and prevent the contents from staying cold.


Horizontal merchandisers are usually waist-height, meaning they can be installed along a counter or underneath shelves containing merchandise. These are ideal for delis and bakeries, holding everything from bottled drinks to packaged sandwiches and items that are meant to be impulse purchases.

Vertical coolers stand about six feet high, depending on the model. These can go inside a lineup of other merchandising equipment, or they can stand alone. Often, these are used to hold packaged meals, snacks, and drinks. These are commonly found in cafés, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

Compressor Type

Self-contained units have their refrigeration equipment built into the cabinet. These all-in-one units are the least expensive and the most common, and they're ready to run right out of the box. The downside is that they generate noise and heat that exhausts in customer areas.

Remote refrigeration systems are installed away from the open air merchandiser itself, in another room or outside your building. The roof is a popular location for remote refrigeration. This type has the advantage of removing the noise- and heat-generating components from customer areas, helping to maintain a pleasant environment. The tradeoff is that they will cost extra to install.

Air Exhaust

Like any other refrigerated equipment, air curtain merchandisers work by removing heat from inside the cabinet and blowing it outside. These units will have their air exhaust on either the front or back. The important thing to remember is that the exhaust location must be unobstructed by nearby walls and equipment. If the unit is to be placed against a wall, choose one with the air exhaust on the front of the cabinet.

Specialty Options

  • A lit signage area can be used to display advertising to attract customers. These hold custom graphics that you provide, or you can order ready-made graphics from the manufacturer.
  • A great option for stand-alone units, glass sides let customers see inside the cooler from the sides, providing further enticement to check out the contents.
  • LED lighting can help illuminate the contents of your open air cooler better than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting. These come standard on some models and are available for an upcharge on others.
  • Many models feature an adjustable shelf angle, so you can adjust the tilt of the display depending on what you're displaying.
  • Curved glass is an option on units with glass sides. These create a more attractive display and might fit in with the décor of your establishment.
  • A night curtain can be pulled over the front of your display when your business is closed. This can help conserve energy and deter potential thieves if your merchandiser is in a public place. Some models come with one, while others can be equipped with them by ordering one separately.