Food Storage Pans

Polycarbonate Food Pan

Polycarbonate food pans are crystal clear, easy-to-clean, and break resistant. They're the go-to solution for food storage and serving.

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Hotel Pan

Hotel pans are the go-to storage, cooking, and serving solution of all types of operations. Stock up on all sizes from this selection.

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Bain Marie Pans

Bain marie pans hold foods hot or cold in appropriate food bars. They are available in plastic and stainless and in a range of sizes.

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Food Pan Cover

Maximize the usefulness of your food pans with matching covers. They come in solid, with notches for serving spoons, or with molded handles for easy access.

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Chilled Food Pan

Chilled food pans are ideal for holding cold items like dairy foods and produce on a buffet or salad bar. They're available in most standard sizes.

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Perforated Pan

Perforated pans are a must when cooking with steam, and they can be used for draining water from certain products to extend holding times.

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