Bakery Supplies

From traditional wedding cake makers to purveyors of remarkably popular gourmet cupcakes, the bakery segment has been one of the fastest-growing in foodservice for years. KaTom has the bakery equipment you need to make starting or equipping your bakery a piece of cake. We have everything from the big stuff, like refrigerators and ovens, to little bakery supplies like pastry bags and spreaders.

Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies Shop Now

Keep your bakery clean and sanitary with the right janitorial supplies, including floor maintenance, trash cans, and bathroom fixtures.

Commercial Range Shop Now

From preparing caramel to cooking candy, the commercial stove in a bakery can cook up all sorts of delicious treats.

Reach In Refrigerator Shop Now

Find the right commercial cooler for your bakery in our selection of reach-in units, with options from 11.5- to 86-cubic-feet of cold holding.

Glass Door Merchandiser Shop Now

Offer your customers cold drinks and keep packaged foods properly chilled on display with a refrigerated merchandiser.

Baking Oven Shop Now

Bakers depend on bakery ovens because of their even heating and ability to provide consistent results.

Baking Supplies Shop Now

Find all the smallware essentials every bakery needs among our selection of baking supplies, from bun pans to measuring spoons.

Gloves, Aprons, & Towels Shop Now

Find all the textiles your bakery needs – including aprons, oven mitts, and chef whites – in the selection available here.

Cake Mixer Shop Now

A cake mixer is the perfect tool for evenly blending recipes like batters for cakes, brownies, and créme brulees, and other light treats.

Pan Rack Shop Now

With the high numbers of bun pans they use, bakeries around the world rely on countless speed racks to keep everything organized.

Bakery Display Case Shop Now

A bakery display case provides the perfect setting for displaying your goods, both baked and otherwise, whether you need it chilled or ambient.

Bread Slicer Shop Now

Forget what you've heard; the greatest thing since sliced bread is the automation of the slicing and packaging of bread.

Dough Mixer Shop Now

The dough mixer is built to handle the dense and often heavy loads of dough prepared in bakeries for foods like bread and cookies.

Turner Shop Now

Whether flipping foods as they bake or releasing them from a baking sheet, a turner can be an essential part of any bakery.

Spatula Shop Now

From flexible silicone to rigid metal, long-bladed for turning crepes to short for flipping, we have all the spatulas your bakery needs.

Spreader Shop Now

These spreaders are designed to make distributing frosting, caramel, and other toppings on your baked treats a breeze.

Wholesale Bakery Supplies for Commercial Service

Equipping a bakery takes some high-powered cooking equipment that will make anything you have in your home seem like a child's play oven in comparison. Whether you're baking lofty loaves in a rack oven or turning out beautifully browned pies from a convection oven, you'll find the bakery oven that's right for your operation here. We also have the cold storage you'll need and display cases that will help merchandise your tasty treats.

While the big things like that are hard to miss, it can be easy to forget some of the bakery supplies you'll also need. From pot holders to cake testers, aprons to cupcake corers, we have it all. Of course, you can't forget that all-important commercial bakeware, which is built to stand up to years of use and even abuse, providing consistent results your customers will love.

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