Commercial Induction Cooktop

Induction provides an innovative way to cook food quickly and efficiently using electricity. The elements consist of a copper coil underneath the cooking surface that generates an electro-magnetic field, which creates heat directly inside ferrous cookware. The advantage of this method is that food can be cooked much more rapidly than with traditional electric burners. These types of ranges provide precision controls, so you know exactly how much heat is going to be generated when you adjust the temperature. In addition, the cooking surface stays relatively cool, since the heat is created directly within the materials of the cooking vessel instead of the range itself. More

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Turbochef MC3502FG
Turbochef MC3502FG Countertop Commercial Induction Cooktop, 200-240v/1...

KaTom #: 084-MC3502FG

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Turbochef MCD3500
Turbochef MCD3500 Drop-In Commercial Induction Cooktop, 208-240v/1ph

KaTom #: 084-MCD3500

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Turbochef MC3000G
Turbochef MC3000G Countertop Commercial Induction Cooktop, 200-240v/1p...

KaTom #: 084-MC3000G

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Turbochef MC3500
Turbochef MC3500 Countertop Commercial Induction Cooktop, 208-240v/1ph

KaTom #: 084-MC3500

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Turbochef MC1800
Turbochef MC1800 Countertop Commercial Induction Cooktop, 120v

KaTom #: 084-MC1800

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Turbochef MCD3002F
Turbochef MCD3002F Drop-In Commercial Induction Cooktop, 200-240v/1ph

KaTom #: 084-MCD3002F

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Turbochef MWDG3500
Turbochef MWDG3500 Drop-In Commercial Induction Wok Unit, 200-240v/1ph

KaTom #: 084-MWDG3500

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Turbochef B651-U2
Turbochef B651-U2 Undercounter Commercial Induction Buffet, 120v

KaTom #: 084-B651U2

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Turbochef MC3500G
Turbochef MC3500G Countertop Commercial Induction Cooktop, 200-240v/1p...

KaTom #: 084-MC3500G

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Turbochef MCD2500
Turbochef MCD2500 Drop-In Commercial Induction Cooktop, 208-240v/1ph

KaTom #: 084-MCD2500

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Turbochef MCD1800
Turbochef MCD1800 Drop-In Commercial Induction Cooktop, 100-120v

KaTom #: 084-MCD1800

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Many professional chefs have used these to replace their traditional electric and gas ranges. Some people consider these units the best of both worlds, with the quick heating that gas ranges are known for and the energy efficiency and cooler kitchens of electric cooking.

Much like traditional ranges, these are available as standalone units with cabinet or oven bases. They can also be installed inside a countertop to create a flush cooking surface. Portable units are also available, which are ideal for kitchens with limited space as they can be stored away when not in use. They are also great for catering or other businesses that might need to create a mobile kitchen for onsite events.

The Benefits of Electronic Design

This equipment offers control over cooking temperatures that traditional methods can't always provide. Cooks who value that precision may prefer this type of cooking equipment. Many of these feature digital controls and LED displays. Adding to their energy efficiency, some include a feature that detects the presence of pans and shuts off operation when one is not present. Those can also detect if an operator attempts to use non-magnetic cookware and will keep the element off if that happens. This conserves electricity by using power only when it's needed.

Durable and Easy-to-Clean

The cooking surface on a commercial induction burner is glass-ceramic, which acts as an insulator and does not transfer heat very well, so heat generated in the cookware is not absorbed into the surface but is used to cook the food. This results in a very energy-efficient cooking method and keeps the surface relatively cool-to-the touch. These glass-ceramic surfaces are also durable and designed to resist impact, so they'll hold up well in high-volume operations. The stainless steel body construction of these units also makes them easy to clean and enhances their durability.

Choosing the Right Cookware

To work with a commercial induction range, your pots and pans must have magnetic bottoms. The magnetism in a cooking pot comes from the presence of iron, so cast iron cookware is always a safe bet. Although all stainless steel has iron in it, some types are not magnetic. Choosing the right kind of cooking vessel to use with these ranges might sound intimidating, but it shouldn't be. You can check any type of cookware for compatibility using a common refrigerator magnet. Simply take the magnet and press it to the bottom of the pot in question. If it sticks, then that pot can be used with one of these units.

Even if you don't own any magnetic cookware, it is still possible to use non-magnetic cookware with one of these units. In order to do that, you'll need to buy an induction disc, which is a thin plate of magnetic material that is placed between the pot and the element. It responds to the element as magnetic cookware would, then transfers the heat produced to the you non-magnetic pot. This is less effective, but is always an option when you want to use a favorite non-magnetic pot with your commercial induction cooktop.

Wok Option

Woks are a traditional style of cookware found in the cuisines of many regions in Asia, and they are gaining popularity worldwide. Usually made of steel, they are round with curved sides and deep, round bottoms. Their round bottoms and high walls make them excellent for cooking a large quantity of food quickly. Many chefs run into problems when using woks because their round bottoms make it impossible to set them on a standard burner. The surface of a wok version of these cook tops has a bowl-shaped indentation to accommodate the unique shape of a wok. This allows cooks who value the versatility and efficiency of a wok to use them with induction equipment.