Paper Products

Whether you need to supply your kitchen or restroom, these paper products cover a variety of needs. Fryer filter paper and powder can prolong the life of your fryer oil, coffee filters will help you brew gallons of coffee in decanters and urns, and food basket liners will step up the presentation of burgers, fries, and other fast-casual favorites. Our selection of paper products also includes restroom sanitation items like paper towels, changing table liners, and toilet seat covers.

Changing Table Liners

Along with changing tables, changing table liners can help make any public restroom more accommodating and sanitary for families with babies and small children.

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Fryer Filter Paper & Powder

The easiest way to keep fried food tasting great is to filter your fryer oil regularly. Find fryer filter paper for your unit here.

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Popcorn Boxes, Buckets, & Bags

Choose boxes, bags, or buckets when you decide how to serve fresh popcorn to your customers. All are available in a number of sizes and designs.

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Coffee Filter

A coffee filter is essential for every batch of coffee you brew. Buy them here by the pack or by the case.

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Food Basket Liners

Food basket liners come in a variety of patterns and sizes and are ideal for use in quick-service restaurants, food trucks, bars, and concession stands.

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Paper Towels & Napkins

Paper towels are a handy way to dry off in the restroom or at a kitchen hand sink.

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Toilet Paper

Ensure your commercial restroom is well stocked with toilet paper from KaTom, including rolls to fit standard dispensers.

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Toilet Seat Covers

Ensure guest comfort with a supply of toilet seat covers in every stall. You'll find the dispensers and refills you need here.

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