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Commercial Ice Maker Shop Now

From large head and bin combos to self-contained undercounter units, find the right commercial ice machine to provide guests with cubed, flaked, or gourmet ice.

Commercial Refrigeration Shop Now

Find the commercial refrigerator your foodservice operation needs here, from standard reach-ins to prep tables, decorative merchandisers to beer systems.

Beverage Equipment Shop Now

Here you'll find all the equipment you need to serve your signature beverages, from juicers to coffee makers, and the refrigeration equipment to keep your drinks chilled.

Cooking Equipment Shop Now

From big pieces like 80-gallon steam kettles to countertop items like toasters and crepe makers, we have the commercial cooking equipment your restaurant needs.

Commercial Freezer Shop Now

Reliable commercial freezers help keep your food safe and well stocked. Find the right one here from convenient undercounter models to spacious reach-ins.

Commercial Oven Shop Now

The possibilities are virtually endless when you have the right restaurant oven. From the indispensable convection oven to the cutting-edge high speed oven, find the right one to bake anything on your menu.

Food Display & Merchandiser Shop Now

Show off your restaurant's best dishes with the right food merchandiser, whether it’s a pretzel case or an open-air cooler.

Food Warmers & Holding Equipment Shop Now

Keep your customer favorites hot and ready to serve with this equipment. We offer everything from heat lamps and warming shelves to proofing cabinets and hot food merchandisers.

Food Bar & Buffet Shop Now

Make your serving line move efficiently with both hot and cold food bars and the accessories to go along with them. Insets and crocks will keep ingredients separate, and cold and hot drop-in wells will make a single food bar more versatile.

Food Prep Equipment Shop Now

Whether you need to mix, chop, slice, puree, or cut, you can find the right kind of food prep equipment that you need to make things easier in your kitchen.

Commercial Deep Fryer Shop Now

A restaurant deep fryer can help bring your flavor profile up a notch. Here, you can find a countertop or floor model and the accessories you need to keep it running smoothly.

Commercial Range Shop Now

Whether you need a heavy-duty or restaurant range, the cooking equipment in this category is likely to become some of the most-used pieces in your kitchen.

Shelves & Carts Shop Now

These commercial carts and restaurant shelves are tasked with properly storing and moving food items and the tools of foodservice both front- and back-of-house.

Commercial Grill Shop Now

Grilling perfect meats and breakfast items is an important job at any restaurant. Here are the best commercial griddles recommended to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Commercial Dishwasher Shop Now

Quickly clean and sanitize dishes with this efficient warewashing equipment, whether you need a flight-type workhorse or a compact undercounter glasswasher.

Commercial Sink Shop Now

Restaurant sinks are vital in food prep, hand washing, and in keeping your wares clean and sanitary. Find a selection of them and their essential accessories here.

Condiment & Food Dispensers Shop Now

Choose a food, topping, or condiment dispenser to easily allow your staff or customers to add ingredients or finishing touches to their dishes.

Water Filter Shop Now

Having a commercial water filter will keep coffee, tea and soft drinks tasting fresh, and that's important for your restaurant's success. It will also protect your equipment from harmful mineral buildup.

Commercial Ice Cream Maker Shop Now

This is the equipment you'll need to start serving your customers' favorite frozen treats, including soft serve, frozen yogurt, custard, and sorbet.

Commercial Work Table Shop Now

Though sometimes overlooked and often underappreciated, these kitchen work tables are some of the most essential pieces of equipment in any commercial kitchen.

Commercial Slicer Shop Now

A commercial meat slicer can do more than its name implies. Let a heavy duty slicer do the work for you when slicing large volumes of cheese and vegetables as well.

Walk In Cooler Shop Now

Walk-in coolers provide the room you need to store the items you serve the most in your restaurant. Plenty of different models are available to fit your kitchen's unique needs.

Broiler Shop Now

A restaurant broiler can help you turn out perfectly roasted, seared, or melty dishes in relatively short order, with powerful heat sources.

Commercial Mixer Shop Now

Busy bakeries depend on reliable mixers for whipping up doughs and batters. Here are some that will help make the best treats for your customers.

Charbroiler Shop Now

A commercial grill can bring out the best flavor in your meats and vegetables. Find the one that will be the most beneficial for your kitchen.

Commercial Hot Plate Shop Now

Having plenty of cooking space is vital to the flow of your kitchen to keep entrees moving quickly. Expand your lineup with a countertop range.

Hoods & Accessories Shop Now

Required by health and safety codes, the restaurant hood is one of the most important parts of a commercial kitchen.

Find the Best Restaurant Equipment for your Business

Using our buying power as a leading national supplier of restaurant equipment & supplies, we secure competitive prices that we pass directly to you, our customer. We are constantly searching for high-quality and economy products that will be the perfect addition to your operation, whether you're stocking the kitchen you've always dreamed of or replacing appliances for a chain. We measure our success not by how many boxes move out of our warehouse, but by how many people we help achieve success.

Before any food service operation opens its doors, the groundwork for its future has to be established with the purchase of quality restaurant supplies to fill its kitchen. At KaTom, our focus is on providing you the tools you need to be successful. Whether you need commercial mixers for a bar or a commercial fryer for a concession stand or food warming equipment for a catering business, KaTom has it in one of these categories.

Common Questions About Restaurant Equipment

What is restaurant equipment?

Restaurant equipment is all of the large pieces you use to store and produce food products in your commercial kitchen. That can include everything from small countertop microwaves and hot plates to walk-in coolers and fryers. Most restaurant equipment is powered by either gas or electricity.

How do I buy restaurant equipment?

Some restaurant equipment can be purchased easily online to be delivered to your place of business. However, if you are unsure about what you need, or need a custom piece, you would likely benefit from speaking to a customer service representative who can help direct you to the right fit.

How can I repair restaurant equipment?

While some maintenance should be done by the owner, in most cases all major repairs should be performed by a certified service technician. This will help prevent you from voiding your warranty by doing unapproved repairs.

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