Stainless Steel Work Tables

Kitchen work tables are vital to any kitchen. From prepping ingredients to plating finished dishes, a sufficient work space will make the difference in the overall efficiency of your kitchen. These work tables can have a flat tops or backsplashes that range from 1.5 to 10 inches high. Many offer shelves either under the work surface or over it, and some have storage cabinets underneath. You might consider investing in a number of these tables, depending on the size and output of your kitchen, and the size of your staff.

Standard Work Table - 16-Gauge

Durable enough to accommodate light equipment, a standard work table can handle your mixing, blending, chopping, and cutting tasks.

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Economy Work Table

An economy work table makes a great space to perform light prep work like chopping produce and breading fried foods.

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Heavy-Duty Work Table - 14-Gauge

A heavy-duty work table can handle just about anything you can throw at it. Use yours for prep work or to house countertop cooking equipment.

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Corner Work Table

Take advantage of every square inch of kitchen space with a corner work table, available in several shapes and sizes.

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Wall-Mounted Work Table

Invest in a wall-mounted work table for a durable and non-invasive work surface. Choose from a number of lengths and widths here.

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