Coffee Shop Equipment

Like a delicately-balanced shot of espresso, a number of factors go into whether your coffee shop creates a satisfying buzz or a bitter disappointment. A good shop can be the cornerstone of a community, while a poorly executed plan can cost a pretty penny. KaTom has all the coffee shop equipment and supplies you need to get your business percolating, from brewers to saucers.

Commercial Ice Maker Shop Now

Keep plenty of ice on hand for your signature frozen drinks and sodas with a commercial ice maker.

Commercial Refrigeration Shop Now

Find the right commercial refrigeration equipment to keep your food and ingredients safely chilled.

Commercial Coffee Makers Shop Now

Whether you need a reliable drip brewer or an efficient espresso machine, you'll find the coffee maker you need here.

Commercial Blender Shop Now

Impress your customers with satisfying frozen coffee drinks and silky smoothies when you have a reliable commercial blender.

Gloves, Aprons, & Towels Shop Now

You and your staff will be well-equipped and well-dressed with these towels, oven mitts, and chef clothes.

Bottle Type Dispenser Shop Now

Serve your guests' favorite mix-ins and toppings with a bottle type dispenser.

Coffee Service Shop Now

Airpots, carafes, decanters, and warmers will help make your coffee service a success.

Coffee Mugs & Cups Shop Now

Serve your cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, and everyday cups of joe in their own signature mugs and cups.

Coffee Urn Shop Now

Nothing beats a coffee urn for brewing and serving coffee by the gallon.

Whipped Cream Dispensers & Chargers Shop Now

Top off your delicious coffee drinks and hot cocoas with fresh toppings from a whipped cream dispenser. Stock up on chargers, too.

Jigger Shop Now

Your baristas can add the perfect proportion of flavor to their handcrafted drinks with a jigger.

Bar Spoon Shop Now

Equip your staff to blend the perfect drinks with an assortment of bar spoons.

Deli Case Shop Now

Entice customers with your signature chilled desserts and snacks with a refrigerated deli case.

Coffee Equipment for Your Shop

There are as many variations on coffee as there are coffee drinkers. Some like a regular cup of joe from a drip machine, while others can't start their day without a skinny caramel macchiato. We have the brewing equipment to cater to all those tastes, from the small-batch french press to the gallons-per-hour urn brewer. We even carry pod brewers, for preparing individual cups.

KaTom offers the coffee supplies to keep your business running smoothly, with coffee and water filters, cream whippers, service carts, and replacement coffee pots. KaTom has your table service covered, too, with creamer pitchers, sugar bowls, carafes, airpots, and dozens of styles of cups and saucers. We also have a selection of pre-ground and whole bean coffee.

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