Coffee Shop Equipment

Like a delicately-balanced shot of espresso, a number of factors go into whether your coffee shop creates a satisfying buzz or a bitter disappointment. A good shop can be the cornerstone of a community, while a poorly executed plan can cost a pretty penny. KaTom has all the coffee shop equipment and supplies you need to get your business percolating, from brewers to saucers.

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Coffee Equipment for Your Shop

There are as many variations on coffee as there are coffee drinkers. Some like a regular cup of joe from a drip machine, while others can't start their day without a skinny caramel macchiato. We have the brewing equipment to cater to all those tastes, from the small-batch french press to the gallons-per-hour urn brewer. We even carry pod brewers, for preparing individual cups.

KaTom offers the coffee supplies to keep your business running smoothly, with coffee and water filters, cream whippers, service carts, and replacement coffee pots. KaTom has your table service covered, too, with creamer pitchers, sugar bowls, carafes, airpots, and dozens of styles of cups and saucers. We also have a selection of pre-ground and whole bean coffee.

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