Walk In Freezer

A walk-in freezer provides bulk cold storage opportunities at colder temperatures and generally for longer periods than those offered by its refrigerated kin. Popular with chain locations and high-volume restaurants, walk-in freezers are perfect for operations that receive as much as several weeks' worth of frozen ingredients in single deliveries. More

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Norlake KLF7746-C L
Norlake KLF7746-C L Indoor Freezer, -10 F, 6' x 4' x 7'...

KaTom #: 378-KLF7746CL

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Norlake KLF7768-C R
Norlake KLF7768-C R Ceiling Mount Walk In Cooler w/ Digital Thermomete...

KaTom #: 378-KLF7768CR

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Norlake KODF77612-C L
Norlake KODF77612-C L Outdoor Freezer, -10F, 12' x 6' x 7�...

KaTom #: 378-KODF77612CL

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Norlake KLF77810-C L
Norlake KLF77810-C L Indoor Freezer, -10 F, 10' x 8' x 7...

KaTom #: 378-KLF77810CL

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Norlake KLF7746-C R
Norlake KLF7746-C R Indoor Freezer, -10 F, 6' x 4' x 7'...

KaTom #: 378-KLF7746CR

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Norlake KLX77810-W R
Norlake KLX77810-W R Indoor Freezer-20F Wall Mount 10' x 8'...

KaTom #: 378-KLX77810WR

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Norlake KODF810-C R
Norlake KODF810-C R Outdoor Freezer, -10F, 10' x 8' x 6'...

KaTom #: 378-KODF810CR

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Norlake KLF7788-C R
Norlake KLF7788-C R Indoor Freezer, -10 F, 8' x 8' x 7'...

KaTom #: 378-KLF7788CR

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Norlake KLF7766-C L
Norlake KLF7766-C L Indoor Freezer,-10 F, 6' x 6' x 7'...

KaTom #: 378-KLF7766CL

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Norlake KLX7788-C R
Norlake KLX7788-C R Indoor Freezer, -20F, 8' x 8' x 7'...

KaTom #: 378-KLX7788CR

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Norlake KLF7768-C L
Norlake KLF7768-C L Indoor Freezer, -10F, 8' x 6' x 7'...

KaTom #: 378-KLF7768CL

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These can be a great fit for smaller operations and events facilities, where staff can cook, freeze, then store finished food in bulk for later retherming, enabling them to beat rush periods. However, it should be noted that the walk-in freezer is not capable of the temperature pull-down required to bring food from hot or even cold-holding temperatures to frozen. For that reason, only already-frozen foods should be put into the unit.

The walk-in freezers you'll see on this page are what are called "quick-ship" boxes, which means that they're made to predetermined sizes and specifications, and offer no custom features. These are great for operators that have basic needs and require a freezer relatively quickly. To discuss the many custom options that are available in a built-to-order box, contact Customer Service at 1-800-541-8683.


These quick-ship boxes come in a few common dimensions. Usually in a combination of 10-, 8-, and 6-foot lengths and widths. The standard interior height is 7 feet. Your decision will likely come down to the space you have available to dedicate to your box. Be sure to allow for plenty of room between the walkin freezer and walls; you'll want to be able to clean around them whether they're inside or outdoors.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

These walkin freezers can be purchased for either indoor or outdoor installation. If you have the room to dedicate, indoor walk-in freezers are often much more convenient to access. They're also protected from the elements, theft, and vandalism. If they're installed in a climate-controlled environment, they can place a significant burden on your HVAC system with the warm air they exhaust to cool their contents driving up your energy bills.

Outdoor walk-in freezersunits don't require you to dedicate valuable interior space, but will expose the box and your employees to the elements. They have one major advantage in that they don't incur the additional energy costs by placing a burden on your HVAC system. Installation can be more expensive when you take into account the potential need for things like concrete pads, new exterior doors from your building, and security fencing. Additionally, in hot climates, the compressors can be forced to work constantly, which drives up energy bills and can significantly shorten the refrigeration system's useful life.

Compressor Location

Walkin freezer compressors are located on either the top or the side of unit. Side-mounted units may be a better fit for installation indoors in rooms with low ceiling clearance. They can also be installed and serviced more easily, but the location nearer the ground makes them more susceptible to damage and vandalism.


The standard temperature for walk-in freezers is -10 degrees F. That temperature is plenty cold enough to keep foods safely frozen. For longer-term storage, -20 degree F freezers are available. Those allow operators to stock up on their frozen goods and hold them for longer, potentially saving money on delivery costs and making restaurants better equipped to deal with a sudden influx of customers.