Break Room Equipment

Improve morale and increase employee comfort by adding break room equipment to your facility's employee-only spaces. A well-stocked break room will have large appliances like refrigerators and freezers as well as coffee makers, microwaves, and other small but valuable appliances. Durable dinnerware and drinking glasses, paper towel and napkin dispensers, trash cans, and break room furniture will make your space functional for employees to enjoy meal breaks throughout the day.

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Make your employees' everyday tasks easier with appliances like commercial microwaves, toasters, dishwashers, and time clocks.

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Refrigerators and freezers are essential to keeping food fresh. Find the refrigeration equipment your office break room needs here.

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Coffee makers can help keep your workers energized and motivated. Browse our selection of single-serve machines, classic brewers, and more.

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Find everything necessary to keep your workplace sanitary and safe, from soap and sanitizer to napkins, sponges, and safety equipment.

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Break room dishes and cups reduce waste and make the break room more comfortable. Find those food and beverage necessities here.

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Find the right storage space to keep your break room neat, organized, and functional. From wire shelving to cabinets and lockers, KaTom has what you need.

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Stock your break room with folding tables, stackable chairs, or more permanent solutions to create a comfortable place for employees to enjoy their lunches.

Break Room Equipment for Your Business

Office buildings, hospitals, retail spaces, and other commercial businesses each have a distinct purpose, but they have at least one thing in common: dedicated spaces where employees can have on-site meals and snacks, retreating from customer-facing sections of the building while on breaks. In addition to providing employees with creature comforts like refrigerated drinks, caffeinated beverages, and ways to quickly enjoy a hot meal without leaving the premises, spaces that are well-stocked with break room equipment can become hubs of interpersonal communication and relaxation that help employees improve morale throughout the day. Whether you're in search of the bare necessities for a modest office building or want to stock up on equipment for a large operation, you'll find the right break room supplies for your needs here.

Some types of break room equipment are obvious selections, while others are optional additions that can go a long way in ensuring your break room is a comfortable place to spend time. Employees will expect to find refrigerators and freezers for storing items they've brought from home, including beverages and food. Microwaves are a must-have, as they make a variety of warm meals possible, while ice makers and coffee makers are easy-to-add appliances that employees will appreciate.

To create a truly functional space, it's important to remember to stock up on additional break room supplies that give the office a more hospitable feel. Ensure employees can enjoy each meal they eat on break by adding plenty of tables and chairs to your break room and having dinnerware, utensils, cups and glasses, and napkins or paper towels readily available. Practical break room equipment like trash cans, dishwashing supplies, and storage units will help keep the space clean and organized.

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