Flatware Cleaning & Storage

Silverware storage is an important consideration in any foodservice operation because small pieces frequently get misplaced. Several options are available for storing flatware, including cutlery bins, silverware caddies, and caddy organizers. Of course, before the flatware is stored, it has to be cleaned properly, so we have flatware cleaning supplies for those tasks, as well.

Silverware Caddy

With metal and plastic options, silverware caddies keep flatware neat and within reach. Choose from solid and perforated options to find a caddy for you.

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Tray & Flatware Cart

If you need a flatware cart for your buffet, cafeteria, or banquet hall, we have a dispenser that will hold your trays and fit into your operation.

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Cutlery Bin

Cutlery bins come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. From one compartment to eight compartments, we have utensil holders to accommodate your flatware.

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Utensil Cleaner & Soak Sink

You'll find KaTom's selection of utensil cleaners, soaking sinks, and mobile sanitizers here. Expand your establishment's reach with a mobile utensil sink.

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Silverware Caddy Organizer

Find the right silverware caddy organizer for your application here. Choose from stainless steel or plastic models to suit the front or back of house.

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Silverware Bag & Sleeve

Browse KaTom's catalog of silverware bags here. Whether you need a touch of class for table service or a sanitary catering option, we've got you covered.

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