Plastic and Melamine Dinnerware

Perfect for a fast-paced restaurant or high-volume cafeteria environment where multiple daily uses and frequent cleaning cycles occur, break resistant and durable melamine dinnerware sets comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. Designed for many different applications, from serving utensils to dinnerware, these wares can be an economical and stylish addition to most any setting. Lightweight, fast drying, scratch- and stain-resistant, melamine dinnerware stays cool to the touch even when serving hot food items. Melamine products are dishwasher safe but are unsuitable for microwave use.

Plastic & Melamine Platters

A melamine platter is an economical yet stylish way to display or serve food. Lightweight but strong, melamine platters have been a restaurant staple for decade...

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Plastic & Melamine Bowls

Perfect for any high-volume restaurant or cafeteria, a melamine bowl is an economical addition to the wares of any fast-paced food service establishment. Melami...

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Plastic & Melamine Plates

Melamine plates are shatterproof and break resistant, giving them a long life span. KaTom has a variety of melamine plate styles, from classic to contemporary.

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