Fly Trap & Insect Zapper

Keep insects out of your restaurant or patio area with a fly trap and insect zapper. While an infestation of mosquitos or flies can ruin an otherwise perfect outdoor dining experience, the sound of the offenders being zapped to their deaths may not be much of an improvement. Silent fly traps use 15, 30, or 80 watt UV light to entice and then trap insects without the sound generally associated with the destruction of such creatures, making for a peaceful environment for your guests. More

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These traps can be utilitarian or decorative in design and can keep bugs at bay in areas ranging from 900 to 3500 square feet. They are white or gold and are powder-coated to prevent corrosion. They take glue boards that are simple to replace and that have adhesive on the back, concealing it from view. Their lights are easy to replace, as well. These zappers should be mounted between three and six feet from the floor and range in length from 18 to 49 inches. Not only are these units great for patio areas, they are ideal for anywhere your clientele may gather and insects are in abundance. Purchase several if your outdoor area service area is large.