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Whether you need to cut down on insects hovering around an outdoor dining area or corral those that make it into your facility, we offer a wide range of restaurant fly traps and insect zappers to accomplish that. Our silent fly traps use 15, 30, or 80 watt UV lights to attract insects, which are then captured on glue boards. Other units can sit on countertops near fresh produce to capture fruit flies, a common pest around bars where fruit is cut for drinks. More

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Bar Maid FLY-BYE
Bar Maid FLY-BYE Fly-Bye Fruit Fly Trap, Non-Toxic

KaTom #: 214-FLYBYECS

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$57.00 / Case of 6
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These restaurant fly traps can be utilitarian or decorative in design and can keep bugs at bay in areas ranging from 900 to 3,500 square feet. Many rely on UV lights, which attract insects much as a porch light left on during a summer night can. The bugs enticed by them are captured on glue boards that are simple to replace and provide sanitary capturing of flying pests. Such models are typically made more presentable with decorative covers that can be finished in white, black, or gold.

In this category, you'll also find restaurant fly traps designed to sit on countertops in areas where fresh produce is processed. Made entirely of non-toxic substances, these can help keep fruit flies from permeating, which can be an issue in bars where fruit is cut for drinks. Additionally, we offer plugs for floor drains that allow liquids to flow down into the drain, but keep bugs from using the openings as an entrance or exit to your kitchen.

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