Deli Equipment

Hungry patrons love to stop into the local deli for a quick bite for lunch or to pick up a few pounds of fresh meat and cheese. We have the deli equipment for your neighborhood sandwich shop, including prep tables, sandwich steamers, slicers, and scales, as well as refrigerated and dry display cases.

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Commercial Deli Equipment and Supplies

A community and even neighborhood fixture for centuries, the modern deli is filled with equipment that isn't just utilitarian, it's also made to look good for the customer. At the forefront of that is the deli case, which not only displays the meats and cheeses on offer, it also acts as a non-salaried salesperson, enticing customers into purchases. Standing behind it is a host of equipment, including reach-in refrigerators and other cold storage, as well as the essential slicer.

Of course, there is a long list of deli supplies you'll need if you intend to sell your meats and cheese not just by the pound, but also by the bun. From sandwich steamers to serving trays, these pieces enable you to serve your customers a delicious lunch.

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