Food Warming & Hot Food Holding Cabinets

Whether you need to keep food warm until it is served or rethermalize frozen product, these food warmers and holding equipment can help.

Available in full, three-quarter, half, or under-counter designs, heated holding cabinets may have single or Dutch doors that are solid or clear.

Countertop buffet equipment, such as soup warmers and carving stations, gives you flexibility while focusing on food safety in buffets and serving lines.

Whether you need a self-serve buffet or a cafeteria-style serving setup, these food wells and serving lines will make it easy to install food bars.

General countertop food warming equipment as well as specialty units designed for chips, french fries, and soups can be found here.

Retherm and warming equipment allows you to cook and chill products ahead of time so you can optimize the workflow in your commercial kitchen.

Heat lamps are available in bulb and strip styles with ceramic, quartz, infrared, or Calrod elements, and decorative or functional finishes.

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