Commercial Ranges & Cooktops

The commercial range selections you have will first be filtered by whether you want to install gas or electric. The commercial gas range is more popular thanks to higher BTU ratings, and its ability to provide more precise and instant temperature regulation. A commercial electric range is generally chosen when gas is not available, when electricity is cheaper than gas per unit, or due to the specific room or building not allowing proper venting for a gas commercial stove top.

When choosing a restaurant stove, the choices are staggering. Between the four most popular brand choices - American Range, US Range, Vulcan Hart Range, and Southbend Range - there are literally thousands of possible combinations available.

Commercial Gas Range

A commercial gas range is often the most important piece of cooking equipment in a foodservice kitchen.

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Commercial Induction Cooktop

A commercial induction cooktop creates heat with electromagnetic resistance in the metal of your cooking vessel for a cool, efficient way to cook.

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Commercial Hot Plate

Commercial hot plates are a practical solution for kitchens that need a couple of extra burners. One to eight burner models are available.

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Salamander Broiler

Salamander broilers provide versatility prized in many commercial kitchens, with the ability to prepare, finish, and hold a number of dishes.

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Commercial Electric Range

A commercial electric unit can provide cool, affordable, and efficient operation in a foodservice kitchen. KaTom carries them in a variety of configurations.

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Stock Pot Range

A stock pot range provides a dedicated burner for large pots that have to cook for extended periods of time.

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Cheese Melter

A cheesemelter can expand the capacity of a commercial kitchen, providing extra help with finishing food and metling cheese.

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Range Parts & Accessories

Here you'll find range parts and accessories including legs, casters, grates, and more.

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Wok Range

A wok range has specially-designed bowls above the burners which accommodate woks. Some include built-in faucets for adding water and cleaning woks on the fly.

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Flue Riser

Utilize the space above your unit with a flue riser. These shelves allow you to conveniently store cookware and common ingredients within reach of your cooktop.

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Mongolian BBQ Range

Akin to the ever-popular Hibachi-style grills, Mongolian BBQ restaurants are entertaining venues where guests can watch their meal cooked.

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