Silverware & Flatware

With over 100 different designs and patterns available, we have an extensive selection of silverware and flatware for your restaurant. We also carry steak knives, cutlery bins, and seafood utensils.

Steak Knives

Make cutting decadent filets, ribeyes, and sirloins easier for your customers with steak knives in a host of styles and patterns.

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Cutlery Bin

A cutlery bin is a necessity in the food service industry. From the dish room to the server station, they can be found throughout a restaurant. We have dozens o...

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Seafood Utensil

No matter what seafood utensil you need, we have it. From specialty forks to regal caviar servers, we have an extensive selection.

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We have a large selection of flatware to ensure that you will find the perfect one to complement your restaurant's decor. From simple lines to elegant decoratio...