Restaurant Gloves, Aprons & Towels

Restaurant textiles such as aprons, towels, and gloves are essential supplies in any efficient kitchen. Oven mitts, potholders, and cut-resistant gloves help protect workers from common cooking injures, while an assortment of clothing from chef hats to non-slip shoes keep staff safe and comfortable in a hot and hectic kitchen.

Oven Mitts

Heat- and fire-resistant oven mitts are critical tools for every kitchen. Ensure the safety and comfort of your kitchen staff with a supply of these mitts.

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Chef Aprons & Kitchen Smocks

Chef aprons are available in both bib and waist styles. Help your employees keep their clothes and workspaces clean with aprons in a variety of fabrics.

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Foodservice Gloves

Disposable food prep gloves will help keep your kitchen free from cross-contamination and provide your customers peace of mind.

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Kitchen Towels

From cloths designed to keep glass spotless to multi-purpose microfiber, a complete stock of kitchen towels is required for any kitchen or dining room.

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Pot Holders

Pot holders that protect hands from temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit are available in square type and ones that fit securely around the pot handle.

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Dishwashing Gloves

Dishwashing gloves are available in multiple sizes and colors, so you can keep a variety of them stocked in your commercial kitchen.

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Cut Resistant Gloves

Protect your employees with cut resistant gloves. These gloves will help keep you OSHA compliant when staff works with knives and slicers.

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Dishwasher Aprons

Choose from multiple thicknesses of vinyl and nylon dishwasher aprons to help keep your employees safe and dry while washing dishes in your restaurant.

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Hair Nets

A hair net for each employee can help keep your kitchen in good standing with the health department, as can a beard net for anyone who needs one.

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