Baby Changing Station

Baby changing stations make parents feel more welcome in your business by providing them with a place to care for their young children. These tables are available in plastic or stainless steel and are made to mount onto the wall and fold up when not in use. Vertical and horizontal changing stations are available so that you can find a model that will fit the space you have available. More

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Koala Kare KB110-SSWM
Koala Kare KB110-SSWM Horizontal Wall-Mounted Changing Station - Polye...

KaTom #: 107-KB110SSWM

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$1,280.81 / Each
Koala Kare KB111-SSRE
Koala Kare KB111-SSRE Vertical Recess-Mounted Changing Station - Polye...

KaTom #: 107-KB111SSRE

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$1,002.71 / Each
Koala Kare KB134-SSLD
Koala Kare KB134-SSLD Recess-Mounted Sanitary Liner Dispenser w/ 100 L...

KaTom #: 107-KB134SSLD

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$182.31 / Each
Koala Kare KB150-99
Koala Kare KB150-99 Sanitary Bed Liners for Baby Changing Station

KaTom #: 107-KB15099

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$35.02 / Case of 500
Koala Kare KB200-01SS
Koala Kare KB200-01SS Horizontal Wall-Mounted Changing Station - Polyp...

KaTom #: 107-KB20001SS

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$390.37 / Each
Rubbermaid FG781888LPLAT
Rubbermaid FG781888LPLAT Horizontal Wall-Mounted Changing Station - Pl...

KaTom #: 007-781888

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$307.00 / Each
Koala Kare KB113-99
Koala Kare KB113-99 Diaper Kit for KB143 SS Dispenser

KaTom #: 107-KB11399

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$200.34 / Case of 120
Koala Kare KB100-00ST
Koala Kare KB100-00ST Horizontal Recess-Mounted Changing Station - Pol...

KaTom #: 107-KB10000ST

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$501.10 / Each
Koala Kare KB100-01ST
Koala Kare KB100-01ST Horizontal Recess-Mounted Changing Station - Pol...

KaTom #: 107-KB10001ST

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$501.10 / Each
Koala Kare KB100-05ST
Koala Kare KB100-05ST Horizontal Recess-Mounted Changing Station - Pol...

KaTom #: 107-KB10005ST

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$501.10 / Each
Koala Kare KB110-SSRE
Koala Kare KB110-SSRE Horizontal Recess-Mounted Changing Station - Pol...

KaTom #: 107-KB110SSRE

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$1,002.71 / Each
Koala Kare KB111-SSWM
Koala Kare KB111-SSWM Vertical Wall-Mounted Changing Station - Polyeth...

KaTom #: 107-KB111SSWM

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$1,280.81 / Each
Koala Kare KB112-01CT
Koala Kare KB112-01CT Countertop Changing Station - Polyethylene, Gray...

KaTom #: 107-KB11201CT

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$159.65 / Each
Koala Kare KB112-01RE
Koala Kare KB112-01RE Recess-Mounted Countertop Changing Station - Pol...

KaTom #: 107-KB11201RE

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$159.65 / Each
Koala Kare KB134-PLLD
Koala Kare KB134-PLLD Wall-Mounted Sanitary Liner Dispenser w/ 20 Line...

KaTom #: 107-KB134PLLD

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$50.47 / Each
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Commonly Asked Questions About Baby Changing Stations

When is a baby changing station required?

There is currently no nationwide law that requires baby changing stations in public restrooms, except for federal buildings such as post office and courthouses. However, there are some state laws, such as in California and New York, which require baby changing stations in most public restrooms. Check with your local building codes for specific requirements in your place of business. Regardless, keep in mind that it is in the best interests of most businesses to have a baby changing station to accommodate families with young children.

How do I install a baby changing station?

There are two main types of commercial baby changing tables available: wall mounted and recessed. A recessed baby changing station requires extensive planning, as a hole must be cut into the wall to accommodate it. Because of this complication, these stations are usually installed by contractors during the initial build or a renovation. Wall-mounted baby changing tables do not require a hole and can be installed with basic tools. It is important to make sure the table is secured to weight-bearing studs and that the table is installed at a height that conforms to ADA regulations. Most baby changing tables have a chassis that will be mounted with keyholes onto mounting screws, but be sure to check the installation instructions that come with your unit for more specific guidelines.

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