Commercial Kitchen Supplies

Equip your professional kitchen with KaTom's kitchen supplies. From bakeware and food pans to knives and serving utensils, we offer the commercial kitchen supplies you need to achieve your operational goals. Fill in between seasons or stock a new commercial kitchen with these tools and utensils.  More ▾

Dispensers & Caddies Shop Now

Dispensers and caddies are essential for keeping self-serve beverage and condiment stations organized. You'll also find restroom dispensers for paper towels and soap.

Trays & Accessories Shop Now

Whether for servers or self-serve applications, for plated meals or with compartments for different foods, we have the trays and stands your operation needs.

Kitchen Knives Shop Now

Commercial cutlery makes a lot of foods manageable and a lot of dishes possible by helping you properly process and prepare ingredients.

Baking Supplies Shop Now

Baking supplies are essential in many kitchens. Mixing bowls, spatulas, and baking sheets are nearly universal, while sifters and bread slicers are more specialized.

Cookware Shop Now

From the omnipresent frying pan to the rarely-seen omelette pan, cookware is a critical part of any commercial kitchen. Find your commercial pots and pans here.

Kitchen Timer & Food Thermometer Shop Now

For assuring safe and accurate temperatures for cooking and refrigeration, the kitchen thermometer is a critical part of any food quality and safety plan.

Gloves, Aprons, & Towels Shop Now

This category includes everything a cook needs to dress for safety, from chef hats to anti-fatigue shoes. We also offer oven mitts, smocks, aprons, and chef whites.

Chafer & Chafing Dish Shop Now

The chafer is a fixture in any foodservice business with a serving line, and are particularly common at buffet and catering operations.

Kitchen Utensils Shop Now

You'll find just about every hand tool you'll ever need for the commercial kitchen here, from turners to spoons, tongs to garlic presses.

Food Safety Products Shop Now

Make the top priority of any kitchen – food safety – easier to manage with these products, from HACCP color coding items to posters describing food safety guidelines.

Food Consumables Shop Now

Keep your operation ready to prepare popular food items like coffee and popcorn, and provide tabletop flavorings with these food consumables.

Hotel Pans & Food Pans Shop Now

Their versatility, durability, and ease of cleaning make hotel pans and food pans the most popular food cooking, holding, and serving solution. Stock up on high-temp, low-temp, and metal pans here.

Commercial Food Storage Containers Shop Now

Safely and conveniently storing food in your commercial kitchen is essential. Stash everything from ingredients to cooked food with these pieces.

Cast Iron Cookware Shop Now

One of the most revered types of cookware, cast iron pots and pans bring the pluses they're known for at home, like heat retention, to the commercial kitchen.

Cutting Board Shop Now

Safe and efficient food prep starts with the right cutting board. Build the right set from pieces in this collection, whether you need wood, rubber, plastic, or composite boards.

Kitchen Brush Shop Now

In cooking, a brush can help you baste, sauce, and butter. Other brushes allow for cleaning tasks that are critical in foodservice operations.

Can & Bottle Opener Shop Now

Whether you need an automatic can opener or a manual one, and even if you're looking for a multi-purpose bottle opener, we have the tools you need.

Kitchen Tools Shop Now

These gadgets and hand tools help you craft dishes your customers will love and make common kitchen jobs – like making burger patties and poaching eggs – simpler.

Business Supplies Shop Now

These office supplies help keep the business side of your foodservice operation running, providing you the desk tools and labeling items you need.

Signage Shop Now

From lighted signs to wall signs to dry erase boards, KaTom has the commercial signage you need to help your customers navigate your business.

Miscellaneous Kitchen Supplies Shop Now

From drip trays to call bells, ice chippers to steak markers, these smallware items help you provide impeccable service and food to your customers.

Chef Hats & Uniforms Shop Now

Equip your staff for comfort and safety with chef hats and uniforms. You'll also find stylish and professional shoes, socks, and pants here.

Check Minder Shop Now

Keep customer checks visible and easily accessible for both cook staff and cashiers with one of these check rails, available in linear and rotating models.

Food Chiller Shop Now

Food codes require proper chilling of cooked foods to safe holding temperatures within just a few hours. Using one of these can reduce bacterial growth and protect food quality.

Silicone & Flexible Products Shop Now

With its versatility, flexibility, and high-heat tolerance, silicone has become the material of choice for countless kitchen items, from spatulas to trivets.

Ice Sculpture Mold Shop Now

Craft beautiful ice sculptures without the hours of specialized labor with one of these ice sculpture molds great for presentation service areas.

Common Questions About Commercial Kitchen Supplies

What are kitchen supplies?

Commercial kitchen supplies, often called smallwares, encompass everything needed to keep a commercial kitchen running outside of large equipment. Some of the most common commercial kitchen supplies are kitchen knives, cookware, and bakeware.

What kitchen supplies do I need?

The kitchen supplies you need to equip your commercial kitchen will be dictated by what methods you use to prepare your menu items. Almost every operation needs a selection of commercial kitchen supply knives, and the type you need depends on what you're preparing. Chef knives are popular because they can cut, slice, chop, and mince different ingredients. Most chef knives have 5- to 12-inch blades, with the most common length being 6 to 10 inches. Often thought of as a small chef's knife, paring knives provide more control for coring, peeling, and slicing fruits and vegetables than chef's knives.

Commercial kitchen supply textiles, such as pot holders, oven mitts, and gloves, keep your employees safe. Pot holders and oven mitts protect employees from high temperatures and come in many shapes and sizes to fit your application and cookware. Gloves also come in different forms, with foodservice gloves being the most common. These tools are disposable and can be used during the prep process to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.

Kitchen thermometers help you meet food-safety protocols. To ensure everything you prepare reaches temperatures that are safe for consumption, probe thermometers and meat thermometers measure the temperature of cooked food. Fryer and candy thermometers provide an accurate measurement of oil and mixtures while they are cooking. Grill and oven thermometers and freezer and refrigerator thermometers are a bit different the other types since they are designed for measuring the inside of your kitchen equipment. If you want to keep up with data for HAACP tracking, temperature data loggers measure the temperature of holding areas. Many data loggers are equipped to work with Wi-Fi, wirelessly sending recorded data to the computer.

What do I need to consider when looking at cookware for my kitchen equipment?

Most commercial operations will need a cookware collection featuring items such as frying pans, saute´ pans, saucepans, and stock pots – depending on what you're cooking. These pots and pans are often made of aluminum, stainless steel, or cast iron.

Most popular among cookware materials, aluminum is affordable and lightweight. Because this material is porous, it heats up and cools down quickly, but the porous surface is also more prone to warping and flavor transfer between dishes than other metals. Aluminum is also susceptible to warping and can corrode if it is used with acidic foods.

Resistant to warping and denting, stainless steel cookware is more durable than aluminum. The easy-to-clean material releases fat for deglazing and does not transfer flavors or react with acidic foods. Stainless steel heats more slowly than aluminum, and uneven heat distribution can lead to hotspots.

Because cast iron is very dense, it heats up slowly but retains heat for long periods of time. This heavy material is resistant to scratching, denting, and warping, but it does require seasoning to maintain its non-stick surface. Most cast iron cookware comes pre-seasoned, and the seasoning rarely needs to be reapplied if it is washed properly.

Where can I buy kitchen supplies?

While many stores sell kitchen supplies, it is important that foodservice operations be stocked with commercial kitchen supplies designed specifically for professional use. Using residential supplies can lead to early breakage or poor sanitation. Commercial kitchen supplies are designed and constructed for durability and easy cleaning, meaning a restaurant supply company is usually the best place to purchase your restaurant's kitchen supplies.

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