Compartment Glass Racks

Whether you're washing plastic soda glasses or crystal wine glasses, these compartment glass racks can achieve a spotless clean with the help of your commercial dishwasher. Available with compartments in a wide range of sizes to fit your glasses, these racks are also often used for storage and transportation. More

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Cambro 16S800151
Cambro 16S800151 Camrack Glass Rack - (4)Extenders, 16-Compartment, 8-...

KaTom #: 144-16S800151

$44.98 / Each
Cambro 25S638151
Cambro 25S638151 Camrack Glass Rack - (3)Extenders, 25 Compartment, So...

KaTom #: 144-25S638151

In Stock
$37.58 / Each
Cambro 25S318151
Cambro 25S318151 Camrack Glass Rack with Extender - 25 Compartment, So...

KaTom #: 144-25S318151

$24.19 / Each
Cambro 25S900151
Cambro 25S900151 Camrack Glass Rack - (4)Extenders, 25 Compartment, Lo...

KaTom #: 144-25S900151

$49.26 / Each
Cambro 16S638151
Cambro 16S638151 Camrack Glass Rack - (3)Extenders, 16 Compartment, 6...

KaTom #: 144-16S638151

$37.49 / Each
Cambro 36S434151
Cambro 36S434151 Camrack Glass Rack - (2)Extenders, 36 Compartment, Lo...

KaTom #: 144-36S434151

$31.59 / Each
Cambro 36S958151
Cambro 36S958151 Camrack Glass Rack - (5)Extenders, 36 Compartment, So...

KaTom #: 144-36S958151

$53.55 / Each
Cambro 20S958110
Cambro 20S958110 Camrack Glass Rack - (5)Extenders, 20 Compartment, Bl...

KaTom #: 144-20S958110

$52.48 / Each
Cambro 36S1114163
Cambro 36S1114163 Camrack Glass Rack - (6)Extenders, 36 Compartment, R...

KaTom #: 144-36S1114163

$60.75 / Each
Cambro 16S1114110
Cambro 16S1114110 Camrack Glass Rack - (6)Extenders, 16 Compartment, 1...

KaTom #: 144-16S1114110

$60.75 / Each
Cambro 25S738163
Cambro 25S738163 Camrack Glass Rack - (3)Extenders, 25 Compartment, Lo...

KaTom #: 144-25S738163

In Stock
$32.54 / Each
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How do I know which compartment glass rack I need?

Glass racks are a standard size, so the first thing you will need to know is if your warewasher accepts full-size or half-size glass racks. Full size, at 1934 inches wide by 1934 inches long are by far the most common. From there, you will only need to know the size of the glasses you plan to wash or store in the rack.

The fewer compartments a dish rack has, the larger glass size it can accommodate. Nine-compartment racks have compartments that can hold cups almost 6 inches in diameter, while racks with 49 compartments hold drinks up to 2 38 inches in diameter. Some glass rack manufacturers offer resources on their website to help match their racks with glasses from common glass manufacturers.

How can I store glasses in glass racks?

Glass racks are a great way to store glasses safely. Most dishwasher cup racks are stackable, so many glasses can be stored in a minimal footprint. Compartment racks that have solid sides only need a lid for protection, while those with open sides may need to be wrapped in plastic or another type of covering to help keep dust from the clean glasses.

Are there glass racks for tall glasses?

Most standard-sized compartment glass racks are just under 5 inches high, but one or more extenders can be added to help keep tall glasses from hitting each other during washing and transportation. Some stemware dishwasher racks will come with several extenders pre-installed.

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