Commercial & Restaurant Shelving

These shelving units are built to stand up to heavy usage and designed for foodservice. We also carry individual posts and shelves for any replacement or storage expansion needs.

Rugged, adaptable Cambro shelving is capable of storing everything from business supplies to produce, with plastic shelves that are adjustable and durable.

Metro shelving is available in a variety of configurations to ensure you can find the right organization system for your business.

Organize your commercial kitchen with mounted shelving for walls, tables, and ceilings. Accessories like brackets and supports are also available here.

Use shelf parts and accessories to expand an existing unit with spare shelves, replace damaged posts, or label your shelves for enhanced organization.

Shop KaTom's selection of specialty shelving options, from commercial wine racks to security cages and heavy-duty shelving for your products and supplies.

Browse KaTom's selection of commercial wire shelving units, posts, and shelves here to find efficient and economical solutions to your storage problems.

Commercial pot racks provide an easy way to store and access pots and pans. Models are available that can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or table.

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