Wire Shelving Posts

Wire shelving posts are designed to support wire shelves mounted either on split sleeves or on adjustable lever systems. Shelves are adjustable in increments so you can customize the storage to fit your needs, and most posts are marked with numbered increments so you can level shelves easily when you assemble your unit. Post heights range from less than a foot up to nine feet. You'll find posts finished with the same materials as shelves, including epoxy, chrome, and stainless steel. Most metal shelf supports include adjustable feet that allow you to level the unit, and most can be fitted with casters to make your unit mobile.

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Focus FG074C
Focus FG074C 74" Chrome Post

KaTom #: 268-FG074C

$5.84 / Each
Advance Tabco EGPC-74
Advance Tabco EGPC-74 74" Epoxy Coated Post

KaTom #: 009-EGPC74X

In Stock
$9.02 / Each
Focus FG086G
Focus FG086G 86" Epoxy Coated Post

KaTom #: 268-FG086G

In Stock
$8.28 / Each
Focus FG063BK
Focus FG063BK 63" Epoxy Coated Post

KaTom #: 268-FG063BK

In Stock
$7.69 / Each
Focus FGN074C
Focus FGN074C 74" Chrome Post

KaTom #: 268-FGN074C

In Stock
$8.31 / Each
Advance Tabco ECP-74
Advance Tabco ECP-74 74" Chrome Post

KaTom #: 009-ECP74X

In Stock
$8.02 / Each
Focus FGN063G
Focus FGN063G 63" Epoxy Coated Post

KaTom #: 268-FGN063G

$7.66 / Each
Focus FGN074G
Focus FGN074G 74" Epoxy Coated Post

KaTom #: 268-FGN074G

$9.77 / Each
Focus FG074G
Focus FG074G 74" Epoxy Coated Post

KaTom #: 268-FG074G

In Stock
$6.84 / Each
New Age 34P
New Age 34P 34" Aluminum Post

KaTom #: 098-34P

$14.10 / Each
New Age 48P
New Age 48P 48" Aluminum Post

KaTom #: 098-48P

$16.44 / Each
John Boos CP-13
John Boos CP-13 13" Chrome Post

KaTom #: 416-CP13

$2.15 / Each
John Boos CP-33
John Boos CP-33 33" Chrome Post

KaTom #: 416-CP33

$4.29 / Each
John Boos CP-54
John Boos CP-54 54" Chrome Post

KaTom #: 416-CP54

$5.37 / Each
John Boos CP-66
John Boos CP-66 66" Chrome Post

KaTom #: 416-CP66

$6.44 / Each
New Age 60P
New Age 60P 60" Aluminum Post

KaTom #: 098-60P

$24.00 / Each
New Age 68P
New Age 68P 60" Aluminum Post

KaTom #: 098-68P

$20.02 / Each
John Boos EPP-13-BK
John Boos EPP-13-BK 13" Epoxy Coated Post

KaTom #: 416-EPP13BK

$2.14 / Each
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