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These can racks provide an efficient way to keep canned goods organized and easily accessible. Constructed of durable aluminum or epoxy-coated steel, they can be stationary or mobile for flexible storage. Made to fit 48-ounce No. 5 cans or 109-ounce No. 10 cans, new cans can be replenished in a way that ensures first-in, first-out rotation of inventory. More

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Advance Tabco CR10-54
Advance Tabco CR10-54 32.63"H Mobile Can Rack w/ (54) #10 or (72) #5 C...

KaTom #: 009-CR1054

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Advance Tabco CRPL10-54
Advance Tabco CRPL10-54 32.63"H Mobile Can Rack w/ (54) #10 or (72) #5...

KaTom #: 009-CRPL1054

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Lakeside 458
Lakeside 458 41.25"H Mobile Can Rack w/ (72) #10 or (96) #5 Capacity

KaTom #: 121-458

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Advance Tabco CRSS10-54
Advance Tabco CRSS10-54 32.63"H Mobile Can Rack w/ (54) #10 or (72) #5...

KaTom #: 009-CRSS1054

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Advance Tabco CRSS10-72
Advance Tabco CRSS10-72 40.13"H Mobile Can Rack w/ (72) #10 or (96) #5...

KaTom #: 009-CRSS1072

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Lakeside 478
Lakeside 478 74.25"H Stationary Can Rack w/ (144) #10 or (192) #5 Capa...

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The type of rack you need will be determined by how many cans you need to hold. Full-size units stand around 6 feet high and are able to hold between 200 - 300 No. 5 cans. Half-size units stand 3-4 feet tall and typically hold fewer than 100 No. 5 cans.

Can Sizes

Not all can racks will hold all can sizes. There are three common types of cans:

  • No. 10 cans are the largest typically found in foodservice. They hold 12 cups of product and are 6-1/8 inches in diameter
  • No. 5 cans have a capacity of 7 cups and a diameter of 5-1/8 inches
  • No. 303 cans hold 2 cups and are 3-3/16 inches in diameter


Some can racks come preassembled and welded together. These are the sturdiest and are ready to use as soon as they arrive at your establishment. Others ship knocked-down and must be assembled. These are typically more affordable to purchase and to ship, but aren't quite as durable over the long-run.


Aluminum is the most popular material. A canned food storage rack made of this material is lightweight and rust-proof, but susceptible to dents if it isn't handled with care. A more rugged alternative is steel with an epoxy coating. This type can typically handle more abuse, but the epoxy will likely wear off over time, leaving the steel underneath exposed and likely to rust.

Specialty Options

Choose from a variety of specialty options to help get the most out of your can storage rack:

  • Racks are available that include a worktop, which can be used as a prep area.
  • On front-load racks, cans are loaded from the front and travel down an sloping rail to the level beneath, where they are retrieved. This setup makes it easy to maintain first-in, first-out inventory flow and allows the rack to be used in space-limited locations where the rear of the unit can't be easily accessed.
  • Some units come with a dunnage rack below the cans. Use these to store surplus cases of cans that can fill the rack above.
  • Mobile racks are mounted on casters, making it easy to move them for cleaning or to a different work station.
  • Choose a unit with adjustable feet to ensure that it will sit level, especially if you're putting it in a room with uneven floors.
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