Shakers & Mills (Salt, Pepper, Cheese & Other)

Choose a shaker or mill to serve seasonings and cheese. Made out of glass, wood, metal, or plastic, we have a wide selection of salt shakers, pepper grinders, and cheese mills to fit both your decor and budget.

Glass, Lexan & Poly Shaker

We have a large selection of glass, Lexan, and poly shakers. Economical and durable, they have been a restaurant staple for decades.

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Salt & Pepper Mills

An acrylic mill is a great choice for customers who want to grind their own salt and pepper. Durably constructed but economically priced, we have many different...

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Wood Mill

A wood mill provides a classic, high quality look. We have models constructed of beech wood, hard birch, walnut, and other materials.

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Cheese Shaker

A necessity if serving pasta, pizza, or salad, a cheese shaker allows your guests to season their food exactly the way they want it.

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Disposable Spice Grinder

A disposable spice grinder is an economical way to have guests season their food to taste. Besides the traditional salt and pepper, we have many other spices av...

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Shakers & Mills Parts

Keep your tables supplied with those quintessential spices with these shaker and mill parts including shaker lids and tops and replacement screws for mills.

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