Ice Maker Parts & Accessories

These parts and accessories can make your ice maker more useful, ensure you serve clean ice, and can help you move your ice.

Bar Ice Bin

A bar ice bin is a convenient place to hold ice at your bar. They're insulated to slow the melting process.

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Ice Bin Parts

We carry a large selection of ice bin parts, including dividers, bin bottoms and covers, ice rakes, dispenser adapters, legs, and scoop holders.

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Ice Caddy

An ice caddy makes it easy to move large quantities of ice for serving at remote locations for banquets or portable bars.

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Ice Scoop & Shovel

We carry round and square scoops that keep your ice sanitary and are perfect for filling up drink glasses and totes.

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Ice Bucket

Ice buckets are a necessity for any hotel offering ice near vending machines or using ice for room service.

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Ice Tote

An ice tote comes in handy if you have a manual-fill dispenser or need to fill ice bins around an events center for quick serving.

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Ice Bagger

For selling by the bag or just for moving ice around your establishment, an ice bagger hooks onto your bin and makes packaging ice easy.

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Ice Bags

KaTom carries a variety of ice bags to ensure you can find the ones you need for your bagging operation or catering needs.

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Ice Maker Cleaner

Whether you need an automatic cleaning system or liquid descaler, we have what you need to serve fresh-tasting and sanitary ice.

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