Restaurant & Commercial Ovens

The commercial oven is the foundation of the cooking equipment in most foodservice kitchens. High speed, microwave, conveyor, convection, combi, rack, proofer, and deck ovens offer specialized performance that fit most any type of operation. KaTom's restaurant oven selection includes both gas and electric models.

Commercial Convection Oven

The commercial convection oven is the most common type of cooking equipment in foodservice kitchens. They provide even heating and consistent results.

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High-speed Oven

High-speed ovens combine two other fast cooking methods, like microwaves and convection or impingement, to provide extremely rapid heating.

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Countertop Convection Oven

A countertop convection oven can provide the consistent cooking results expected from its larger kin in a compact design great for crowded kitchens.

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Cook and Hold Oven

Cook and hold ovens are used in kitchens where food needs to be kept warm for a while after cooking. They eliminate much of the operator's involvement.

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Oven Parts & Accessories

Find the commercial oven parts you need here including racks, pan glides, casters, and legs.

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Proofer Oven

A proofer oven is a combination of a proofing cabinet and a convection oven. This allows you to proof dough and then bake bread in one machine.

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Smoker Oven

The commercial smoker has been a mainstay of rib joints across America for many years and the models we offer can provide a deep, rich smoke flavor.

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Commercial Toaster Oven

Commercial toaster ovens provide a compact solution for warming, retherming, and defrosting foods.

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Rack Oven

These provide one step above typical convection, with fans to circulate the hot air and shelf systems that revolve.

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Combi Oven

A combi oven pairs convection cooking with steam, providing the benefits of both in one unit. The controls allow for operation of steam or convection cooking.

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Commercial Rotisserie

A commercial rotisserie can serve as both cooking equipment and a merchandiser, providing slow and even cooking behind a glass door.

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The commercial pizza oven category includes several subcategories of well-known commercial ovens. The pizza deck oven and wood-fired pizza oven provide what mos...

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