Commercial Deep Fryers

Commercial Gas Fryer

By delivering high-intensity heat, a commercial gas fryer can cut cooking times for foods like tempura, breaded fish, and, of course, French fries.

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Countertop Commercial Fryer

A countertop fryer is ideal for low- to medium-volume operations like concession stands and neighborhood pubs.

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Commercial Electric Fryer

An electric fryer provides efficient heat from elements submerged in the oil vat, saving on energy costs over gas fryers in many cases.

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Funnel Cake Fryer

Sometimes called a flat or flat-bottom unit, the most common name for this restaurant fryer comes from the treats they're most known for cooking.

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Corn Dog Fryer

The corn dog fryer is essentially a tall, narrow flat-bottom model with a rack or two of clips built into the vat to hold corn dog sticks.

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Donut Fryer

A donut fryer has a large square vat with a screen to lift the delicious rings of fried dough in and out of the fryer safely and quickly.

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Commercial Pressure Fryer

The commercial pressure fryer has been trusted for decades to provide succulent and flavorful fried chicken, batch after batch.

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A regular fryer cleaning routine enables it to work more efficiently, extends the life of your cooking oil, and preserves the taste of the food you cook.

From taco baskets to fry dump stations, having the right commercial fryer accessories equips you for success.