Commercial Deep Fryers

These units are a much-relied upon part of countless commercial kitchens, with capacity to produce tasty and in-demand foods with relatively little effort from the cook. In choosing a commercial deep fryer, it is important to consider what foods you will be cooking, as that will dictate what type you need. You can learn more about that important consideration and others through the on-page guides in each category below. Whether you're frying corn dogs at a concession stand or beignet at a fancy French restaurant, we have the right restaurant fryer for you.

Commercial Gas Fryer

A gas-fired commercial fryer can be used to prepare popular foods like tempura, breaded fish, and, of course, french fries.

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Countertop Commercial Fryer

A commercial countertop fryer is ideal for low- to medium-volume operations like concession stands and neighborhood pubs.

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Commercial Electric Fryer

An electric commercial fryer provides efficient heat from elements submerged in the oil vat, saving on energy costs over gas fryers in many cases.

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Commercial Pressure Fryer

The commercial pressure fryer has been trusted for decades to provide succulent and flavorful fried chicken, batch after batch.

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Find the best commercial fryer configuration for your commercial kitchen, whether you need a gas floor fryer or countertop electric fryer.

Whether you are frying high-sediment breaded foods or wet-battered items, find the type of commercial fryer you need for your kitchen here.

A regular fryer cleaning routine enables it to work more efficiently, extends the life of your cooking oil, and preserves the taste of the food you cook.

From taco baskets to fry dump stations, having the right commercial fryer accessories equips you for success.

Specialty fryers allow you to prepare items like corn dogs, donuts, and funnel cakes in gas or electric fryers specially designed to accommodate them.

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