Concession Supplies

Whether at the ballpark, carnival, or an outdoor festival, concession equipment can be found serving up quick and tasty treats to customers.

Concession Consumables

Choose from a wide variety of concession supplies for your booth, kiosk or cart.

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Funnel Cake Fryer

Sometimes called a flat or flat-bottom unit, the most common name for these comes from the treats they’re most known for cooking.

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Cotton Candy Machines & Supplies

Cotton candy machines and supplies can spin multiple colors and are typically made from easy-to-clean materials such as stainless steel.

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Concession Stand Food

Increase your profits and offer your customers the treats they love with concession stand food.

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Pizza Display Case

Pizza display cases are available in varieties that will hold pizzas as large as 22 inches. Many include rotating racks to create an eye-catching display.

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Self-Serve Dispenser

With the ability to hold sweeteners, napkins, straws, condiments, and stirrers, a self-serve dispenser can be found at coffee bars and server stations.

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Donut Fryer

A donut fryer has a large square vat with a screen to lift the delicious rings of fried dough in and out of the fryer safely and quickly.

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Star Nacho Equipment

Star nacho equipment is great for storing nacho chips and toppings in appealing merchandising units.

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Gold Medal Lemonade

Gold Medal lemonade supplies include equipment for squeezing fresh lemons and cups with lids for serving customers.

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Gold Medal Carnival Games

Choose from a variety of Gold Medal carnival games that are simple to set up and are built to be safe for children of all ages.

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Carnival Games

We carry many different carnival games to make your next event fun and exciting for all ages.

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Gold Medal Concession Trays & Cups

Gold Medal concession trays and cups to make it easy for your customers to walk away from your stand with the treats you sell.

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Gold Medal Concession Cleaning Products

Gold Medal concession cleaning products are available for all types of material, from glass to stainless steel.

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Corn Dog Fryer

The corn dog fryer is essentially a tall, narrow flat-bottom model with a rack or two of clips built into the vat to hold corn dog sticks.

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Gold Medal Blooming Onion

A Gold Medal blooming onion cutter slices the onion into a bloom with a single press.

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Gold Medal Churros

Browse our selection of equipment for making and merchandising fresh Gold Medal Churros.

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Find the right hot dog equipment to cook and hold your dogs and buns as well as dispensers for condiments and toppings.

Condiment and food dispensers enable customers to get to get just the right amount of a topping they want.

A cup and lid dispenser is key to keeping coffee, tea, frozen drink, and soda stations neat, clean, and organized.

Gold Medal nachos and cheese supplies include serving trays, chips, single servings of cheese and salsa, and bags of cheese, chili, and salsa.

Gold Medal caramel corn mix, machines, and accessories include everything needed to create and serve this delicious treat.

A Gold Medal slushie machine enables you to customize your products to create unique recipes with flavors like strawberry daiquiri and pina colada.

Add Gold Medal frosted nut flavorings and accessories to your concession stand offerings.

For all your shaved ice needs, Gold Medal shaved ice supplies include machines, syrups, accessories, and carts.

Gold Medal kettle corn supplies include bags and containers, flavor mix, and kettle corn machines.

Gold Medal pretzels are a convenient snack that your customers can enjoy from a concession stand or street vendor cart.

Gold Medal corn dogs are delicious grab and go treats. We offer fryers, skewers and corn dog mix.

Gold Medal doughnuts accessories such as cutters, bags, chocolate dip coating, and donut fryers can be found here.

Gold Medal candy apples are made with a stove is designed to melt and warm different flavors of apple coating.

Gold Medal smoothies are delicious treats. Choose from a variety of dairy and non-dairy selections.

Choose from a variety of Gold Medal ice cream and yogurt equipment here.