Floor Maintenance

We offer floor maintenance supplies for cleaning your facility as well as signs, stools, and more. Keep your facilities safe and tidy with floor maintenance equipment including vacuum cleaners, squeegees, and mops. Here you'll also find disposable items like heads for mops and dust mops for all applications and in all sizes. Stepstools and handle extensions can make life easier and safer on your staff and help them clean those hard to reach spots.

Window & Floor Squeegees

Window and floor squeegees are useful if you are looking to show your business has that extra level of attention to quality.

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Floor Trough

We have a floor trough that will help your floor efficiently drain after mopping.

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Floor & Carpet Sweepers

Floor and carpet sweepers work efficiently to pick up cracker crumbs and other bits of food but they're more silent than vacuums.

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Caution Sign

We carry a caution sign and safety cone imprinted in several languages to ensure your guests can walk safely on slippery floors.

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Water Hoses & Nozzles

We have water hoses and nozzles in many sizes to help you keep your business clean and sparkling.

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Microfiber Cleaner and Handle

A microfiber cleaner and handle can be washed and re-used, making them more efficient then disposable cleaners.

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Vacuum Cleaners & Bags

We offer vacuum cleaners and bags in several styles including ultra-light and vacuum cleaners for wet and dry use.

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We carry the durable stepstool that you need, from light duty ones all the way up to ones that can hold up to 300 lbs.

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Choose from our selection of brooms and dust pans here to keep your facilities safe and welcoming. Brooms are available with corn bristles or rugged poly.

We carry mop buckets and utility pails for every task. This includes handheld utility pails with bail handles as well as the indispensable mop bucket.

Wet mops and handles are essential to keep your commercial kitchen clean. You'll find replacement heads in all sizes and for both gate and clamp style handles.

We carry dust mops, frames and handles for your dusters and dust mops. This equipment includes everything you need to dust the floors, windows, and ceilings.