Wet Mops & Handles: Additional Information

24oz Hot Mop 1in Band - Lime Green 60in Invader Mop Handle - Vinyl Covered Handle 60in Gripper Mop Handle - Aluminum Handle Super Stitch Wet Mop Head, Medium, 4-Ply Looped Cotton, 5 Headband, White, 16oz

When it comes to cleaning, having the perfect wet mop & handle can make all the difference. If your business uses a mop with high absorbency, release, and durability, you will have a cleaner, more attractive business appearance. You should consider the ease of, and the ability to, wash and sanitize the mop to extend the life of your purchase. At KaTom Restaurant Supply, we offer high quality commercial wet mops and handles from our well-know and trusted manufacturer Rubbermaid.

Types of Wet Mops & Handles

Wet mops and handles can be broken down into two general categories, mop heads and mop handles. KaTom Restaurant Supply offers five different types of mop heads to choose from, Value Pro mop heads, Super Stitch cotton mop heads, Super Stitch blend mop heads, Hot Mops synthetic mops, and Rough Pro Tough mop heads. Value Pro mop heads are economical, cut-end type cotton or rayon mops that are ideal for general purpose or finish cleaning, respectively. These mops are available with white finishes.

Super Stitch cotton mops are economical looped-end 4-ply mops that are perfect for general cleaning purposes. These convenient mops feature a yarn tailband to provide greater floor coverage, which results in more efficient cleaning.

Super Stitch blend mop heads are a balanced blend of cotton and synthetic yarn for is well known for its absorbency and strength. These tailbanded mops have looped ends, which reduces fraying and de-plying for better durability and a longer product life.

Hot Mops synthetic mops are designed specifically for restaurant use. These hot mops are all synthetic material that resists abrasive floor surfaces and can absorb 4-5 times its weight and prevents souring due to germs and odors. These versatile mops are available in three distinct colors, hot pink, lime green, and slate blue. These vibrant colors are great for creating a color coding system, which eliminates the risk of cross contamination due to multiple uses.

Rough Pro Tough mop heads should be used on aggressive, hard to clean floor surfaces such as stone, terrazzo, concrete, and other textured floors. These mops are a combination of knitted fleece cotton and polyester that has twice the absorbency of cotton. Rough pro mop heads have looped ends for reduced fraying and tailbands to increase the coverage area and produce more efficient cleaning.

The correct type of mop handle will be determined by the mop head you choose. Gripper and Invader wet mop handles are available to fit any businesses cleaning needs.

Wet Mops & Handles Construction

Wet mop heads can be purchased in four different types of material to choose from, all with their specific benefits. Cotton, rayon, blend, and synthetic heads are available. Cotton mop heads have a high absorbency rate and have a traditional, white appearance.

Rayon type mop heads can be laundered to extend the life of your product. These units have high absorbency rates and have excellent liquid release rates. Rayon is a product that is a manufactured regenerated cellulosic fiber. Rayon is produced from polymers that occur naturally, therefore cannot be called a true synthetic nor a natural fiber.

Blended mop heads have a high level of launderability and are super absorbent. These mop heads have a good liquid release rate and are extremely durable.

Synthetic mop heads have high launderability levels, which increases the life of your product. Synthetic mop heads have excellent liquid release rates and are highly durable.

Mop handles can be purchased in either aluminum or hardwood varieties. Aluminum mop handles are exceptionally durable and can be cleaned easily. These handles typically have some type of antimicrobial feature that inhibits the growth of bacteria which can cause odor and stains.

Hardwood mop handles offer a traditional, yet long-lasting style that is easy to grip and clean.

Types of Wet Mop Headbands

Rubbermaid mop heads have two different sizes of headbands, which determines the type of handle you should use with that specific mop head. 1" headband mop heads should be used for Invader side gate style mop handles, which are available in either hardwood or aluminum varieties.

5" headband mop heads are designed to be used with Gripper clamped style mop handles, which can be purchased with an aluminum finish.

Mop Head Styles

Commercial mop heads can be purchased with two different end styles. You can choose from cut end or looped end mop heads. Cut end models are economically constructed and are idea for general purpose cleaning. Laundering these type of mop heads is not recommended because cut ends tend to fray easily.

Looped end mop heads are designed to reduce fraying and de-plying , which increases durability and extends product life.

Mop Head Launderability

Depending on the type of mop head you choose, some can be laundered while others cannot. Cut end mop heads should not be laundered because of fraying, while looped end models are designed for laundering and will offer a longer product life because of this.

Wet Mop Heads & Handles Specialty Options

Wet mop handles offer antimicrobial protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes odors and stains. This protection creates cleaner, more sanitary conditions. Mop heads are also available with antimicrobial protection spun into the mop yarn itself, offering a superior performance.

Shrinkless mop heads are available, which will not shrink when laundered or when used for lengthy periods of time.

Mop Head & Handle Sizes

Rubbermaid mop heads can be purchased in small, medium, or large varieties. The size mop head you need will depend on the size of the area that will be mopped and the frequency with which you mop the area.

Mop handles come in either 54" or 60" varieties. A longer mop handles gives you greater reach when moping and are great for fitting underneath low objects.

Which Handle Type Fits the Mop Head?

Side gate Invader style mop handles fit any mop head with a 1" band. Clamped Gripper style mop handles are designed for use with any mop head with a 5" band.