Table Tents, Card Holders & Decoratives

We have a table tent, card holder, and decorative accessory for your establishment. Vases, candles, and candle accessories are also available.

Tabletop Menu Card Holder

Tabletop menu card holders are a great way to number tables for banquets or highlight daily specials for your guests. We have over a hundred different models in...

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Liquid Candle Lamps & Fuel

Liquid candle lamps offer a romantic experience for guests without having to deal with melted wax. We have a large collection of different models to choose from...

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Table Tents & Number Cards

Help your banquet guest find their table or reserve a spot for special guests with a table tent or number card. We have many items to match your needs.

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Candle Accessories

From the larger 25 ounce hurricane glass for larger candles to the little 4-inch votive holders, we have candle accessories that create an ambiance of romance a...

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Bud Vase

It's amazing how one bud vase can dress up a table. We have many different units available including modern stainless steel designs, classic ceramic units, and...

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Stylish décor will make a visit to your restaurant fun and memorable. Decorate your space with items such as urns, wall fans, and statues to create a cla...

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