Candle Accessories

This selection of candle accessories includes the miscellaneous pieces you need to keep your mood-enhancing candles burning. You'll find accessories for flameless candles including charger power adapters and charging trays. For oil-burning candles, you'll find replacement wicks and burner accessories.

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Hollowick 64C
Hollowick 64C Horizon Globe, 4.5x2.88", Glass, Clear

KaTom #: 461-64C

In Stock
$6.33 / Each
Hollowick 1601PC
Hollowick 1601PC Firefly Tealight Cradle Holder, Polished Chrome

KaTom #: 461-1601PC

$5.50 / Each
Hollowick WRBD39
Hollowick WRBD39 Cylinder Aurora Frame, 4.88x3.5", Dark Bronze

KaTom #: 461-WRBD39

$11.00 / Each
Hollowick C-36/50PC
Hollowick C-36/50PC Large Size Gala Cell Cover for HD36 & HD50, 2x...

KaTom #: 461-C3650PC

$4.62 / Each
Walco LI386
Walco LI386 9" Round Candelabra Floral Adapter Bowl, Nickel-Plated

KaTom #: 264-LI386

$16.38 / Each
Hollowick HFRP-ADP
Hollowick HFRP-ADP Power Adapter for Platinum+ Charging Tray

KaTom #: 461-HFRPADP

(You can remove it at any time)
Hollowick HFRP-CT
Hollowick HFRP-CT Charging Tray for Platinum+ Flameless Candles

KaTom #: 461-HFRPCT

(You can remove it at any time)
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