Commercial Cleaning Supplies & Janitorial Supplies

Keeping your operation clean and well-maintained restaurant signals quality to your customers and invites return visits. Find everything you need to keep your facility sanitary and tidy in our selection of janitorial supplies, including equipment like carts, vacuums, brooms, and trash cans. You'll also find those little essentials, like cleaners, soap, trash bags, and gloves.

Disposables Shop Now

These are the essentials that should be part of your operation's regular restock program, from cleaning supplies to coffee maker filters.

Commercial Trash Cans Shop Now

Make waste management a simple, streamlined task at your operation with commercial trash cans that can stand up to heavy-duty use.

Floor Maintenance Shop Now

Keep your floors spotless and hazard-free with floor maintenance supplies, from vacuum cleaners to wet floor signs.

Bathroom Supplies Shop Now

Here you'll find all the bathroom accessories to keep your washrooms neat, clean, and well-stocked, from air fresheners to towel dispensers.

Cleaning Supplies Shop Now

A tidy facility depends on a well-stocked supply closet. Find the cleaning supplies you need, from mop heads to sanitizing solution.

Chemicals & Water Testing Shop Now

Use this selection of chemical cleaners, sanitizers, and test kits to help you keep your dishes, floors, and other surfaces safe and clean.

Air Door Shop Now

Keep your interior comfortable and free of insects, and make your walk-in cooler more efficient with an air door. We have models for doorways of virtually any size.

Hand Dryers Shop Now

Go green and tidy with a hand dryer, which can save thousands of dollars a year over the cost of stocking and cleaning up paper towels.

Commercial Floor Mats Shop Now

From anti-fatigue mats to door mats and non-slip coverings, we have the floor mats you need to protect guests and staff from trips and slips.

Cigarette Receptacle Shop Now

Keep your facilities free of debris and litter with a cigarette waste receptacle, available in free-standing and wall-mounted versions in all sizes.

Safety Shop Now

Make your building safe for guests and employees with these safety essentials, from caution cones to first aid kits.

Fly Trap & Insect Zapper Shop Now

Keep your kitchen and dining room free of unwanted guests with fly traps and insect zappers. Choose a decorative model for discreet installation.

Grease Trap Shop Now

A grease interceptor keeps your plumbing clog-free and your building up to code. Find the perfect solution here, no matter the size of your sink, dishwasher, and other kitchen wastewater producers.

Dunnage Rack Shop Now

Keep your bulkier supplies safely off the floor with a high-capacity metal or polymer dunnage rack. Great for kegs and bulk storage in both dry and refrigerated applications

Closet Organizers & Tool Holders Shop Now

Cut the clutter in your supply closet with closet organizers and tool holders to keep all your essential supplies accessible.

Commercial Fan Shop Now

Keep your facilities cool and comfortable with a heavy-duty commercial fan. Choose a pedestal mount or floor model.

Housekeeping Carts Shop Now

Streamline your cleaning routine and equip your staff to do more with fewer trips to the supply closet with a housekeeping cart.

Trash Cart Shop Now

Waste removal is a simpler task with one of these workhorse trash carts, capable of handling up to 1500 pounds of waste. Find the perfect size for your facility here.

Water Sanitizer Shop Now

Ensure you're serving the safest water to your guests with these water sanitizers and water quality testing supplies.

Hair Nets Shop Now

You'll provide sanitary service and pass your health inspection when you're well-stocked with hair nets and beard nets.

Laundry Cart Shop Now

A laundry cart keeps bulky linens like bed sheets and tablecloths sorted and easier to transport. Find one here with one or several compartments in a number of sizes.

Janitor Cart Shop Now

Streamline your cleaning routine with a housekeeping cart for hauling all of your cleaning supplies, tools, and trash.

Keep it Clean and Tidy with Janitorial Supplies

It's important you have the right janitorial equipment to tackle routine cleaning jobs. This includes brooms, dust mops, wet mops, buckets, and vacuum cleaners to keep your floors spotless. Wet floor signs, caution cones, safety barriers, and proper signage will help protect your staff and customers from slips, trips, and falls. Give your crew an edge with the right housekeeping carts that can boost productivity and keep your operation running smoothly.

Bathrooms can never be neglected if you want to make sure your customers have pleasant visits. Our bathroom janitorial equipment and accessories have you covered with essentials like air fresheners, urinal screens, and toilet paper dispensers. Choose a manual or hands-free paper towel dispenser, or opt for an energy-efficient hand dryer. We've got your littlest guests covered, too, with a selection of wall-mounted baby changing stations.

Common Questions About Commercial & Wholesale Cleaning Supplies

What are janitorial supplies?

The category includes a wide variety of both supplies and equipment, from cleaning chemicals to commercial vacuum cleaners. Because of the critical nature of keeping any public operation clean, jansan (short for janitorial and sanitation) supplies are among the most common purchases for most foodservice purchasing managers.

What cleaning supplies do I need?

That question can vary from operation to operation, but most facilities should be stocked with items from each of the above categories. Floor care, kitchen cleaning, and bathroom maintenance supplies are important parts of any sanitation plan as they can help protect against foodborne illnesses, keep staff safe, and assure customers cleanliness is important in your operation. With each category, there are likely to be regular replacements that must be purchased, whether you have to buy a monthly supply of hand soap for your lavatories or plan to replace mop heads annually to ensure they stay absorbent.

How should I store and organize cleaning supplies?

It is critical that cleaning supplies be given a dedicated storage space set apart from the food storage, prep, cooking, and serving areas of your back-of-house space. That helps prevent cross-contamination and is required by health codes in most areas. Janitorial equipment like mop heads, buckets, and paper towels can be stored on economical wire shelving, but you may want to consider polymer shelving or epoxy-coated wire for holding cleaning chemicals that could damage bare metal. If you purchase chemicals in large quantities, you may also need to consider either a standalone dunnage rack or adding a dunnage shelf to a full shelving kit. We offer closet organizers that can hold mops and brooms off the floor, and janitorial and housekeeping carts that enable employees to move supplies around your facility.

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