Janitorial Supplies

Keeping your operation clean and well-maintained restaurant signals quality to your customers and invites return visits. Find everything you need to keep your facility sanitary and tidy in our selection of janitorial supplies, including equipment like carts, vacuums, brooms, and trash cans. You'll also find those little essentials, like cleaners, soap, trash bags, and gloves.

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Keep it Clean and Tidy with Janitorial Supplies

It's important you have the right janitorial equipment to tackle routine cleaning jobs. This includes brooms, dust mops, wet mops, buckets, and vacuum cleaners to keep your floors spotless. Wet floor signs, caution cones, safety barriers, and proper signage will help protect your staff and customers from slips, trips, and falls. Give your crew an edge with the right housekeeping carts that can boost productivity and keep your operation running smoothly.

Bathrooms can never be neglected if you want to make sure your customers have pleasant visits. Our bathroom janitorial equipment and accessories have you covered with essentials like air fresheners, urinal screens, and toilet paper dispensers. Choose a manual or hands-free paper towel dispenser, or opt for an energy-efficient hand dryer. We've got your littlest guests covered, too, with a selection of wall-mounted baby changing stations.