Pizzeria Equipment

Whether you want to sell pizza by the slice at your convenience store or open an all-you-can eat buffet, we have all the pizzeria equipment you need to start serving the popular pie. From ovens to cheese shakers, this selection includes the many unique pizzeria supplies it takes to establish a killer pizza business.

Pizza Equipment for the Perfect Pie

A solid, high-volume pizza service is built on speed, efficiency, and consistency, starting with a streamlined assembly process. A refrigerated prep table will keep all your ingredients organized, safely chilled, and accessible with a broad work surface and cutting boards. When it comes to an oven, the impinger and conveyor are the heroes of the fast-casual pizza joint, while a deck oven will provide traditional results for hand-crafted pies.

Like a good crispy crust and a balanced sauce-to-cheese ratio to a good pizza, good service is in the details. KaTom has pans, peels, cutters, and bubble poppers to get your pizzas baked right. For table service, we have cheese and pepper shakers, tray stands, serving utensils, and everything else you need to take your pizzas from pan to plate and build a satisfied clientele.