Pizza & Pizzeria Equipment

Whether you want to sell pizza by the slice at your convenience store or open an all-you-can eat buffet, we have all the pizzeria equipment you need to start serving the popular pie. From ovens to cheese shakers, this selection includes the many unique pizzeria supplies it takes to establish a killer pizza business.

Commercial Pizza Oven Shop Now

The commercial pizza oven takes many forms, from the conveyor unit to the more traditional fired brick oven.

Salad and Sandwich Prep Table Shop Now

A pizza prep table makes it easy to store ingredients, keeping them easily accessible and at proper holding temperatures as you make your pies.

Dough Rounders, Sheeters & Dividers Shop Now

Make preparing your dough and rolling out your crusts much easier with one of the pieces in this category made specifically for pizzerias.

Pizza Display Case Shop Now

Keep your freshly-prepared pies on display for quick service and to stoke impulse buys with a heated pizza display case.

Dough Mixer Shop Now

Combine the wet and dry ingredients of dense pizza crust doughs in a spiral dough mixer built specially for handling such heavy loads.

Pizza Pan Shop Now

Whether for New York-style flat crusts or Chicago-style deep dish pizzas, the pizza pan is a critical part of many pizzeria kitchens.

Warming Shelf Shop Now

Keep your pizzas hot and ready to serve, whether as a whole or by the slice, with warming shelves from 24- to 72-inches long.

Pizza Dough Box & Pan Shop Now

Allowing your dough time to rest so the yeast can react properly is a key step in many pizza recipes. A dough proofing pan protects it during resting.

Pizza Screen Shop Now

Whether you want a perforated pan or a true pizza screen, we have them here to enable you to create the perfect crusts.

Pizza Cutters & Knives Shop Now

Easily slice your pizzas with tools designed especially for the purpose, including the simple roller cutter and the classic rocker cutter.

Red Pepper & Cheese Shaker Shop Now

Give your customers the opportunity to top their pizzas how they like with shakers for additions like parmesan cheese and pepper flakes.

Pizza Peel Shop Now

If you'll be cooking your pies in a deck oven, a pizza peel is an essential tool, used for both putting the pizza into the oven and removing it.

Pizza Cooking Accessories Shop Now

With everything from tray stands to pizza pan grips, long-handled bubble poppers to specially-designed cutting boards, we have your accessories.

Pizza Pan & Screen Racks Shop Now

Easily store your pizza pans and screens at the ready with one of these racks. We also have tabletop serving stands here.

Pizza Dough Docker Shop Now

Ensure your crust comes out evenly baked and without big bubbles by using a pizza dough docker to create even air exchange.

Pizza Baking Stone Shop Now

A pizza baking stone provides heating similar to a brick deck, allowing you to provide crispy crusts no matter what type of oven you use.

Pizza Equipment for the Perfect Pie

A solid, high-volume pizza service is built on speed, efficiency, and consistency, starting with a streamlined assembly process. A refrigerated prep table will keep all your ingredients organized, safely chilled, and accessible with a broad work surface and cutting boards. When it comes to an oven, the impinger and conveyor are the heroes of the fast-casual pizza joint, while a deck oven will provide traditional results for hand-crafted pies.

Like a good crispy crust and a balanced sauce-to-cheese ratio to a good pizza, good service is in the details. KaTom has pans, peels, cutters, and bubble poppers to get your pizzas baked right. For table service, we have cheese and pepper shakers, tray stands, serving utensils, and everything else you need to take your pizzas from pan to plate and build a satisfied clientele.

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