Plastic Cutting Boards

Made from polyethylene and other rugged materials, plastic cutting boards can be used for cutting fruits, vegetables, and various kinds of meat. Inexpensive and durable, plastic boards can be sanitized with stronger chemicals, such as bleach and other disinfectants, without damage. These boards are available in many colors to help you make sure your prep routines comply with HACCP guidelines.

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Winco CBWT-610
Winco CBWT-610 Cutting Board, 6 x 10 x .5", White

KaTom #: 080-CBWT610

In Stock
$2.12 / Each
Winco CBWT-1218
Winco CBWT-1218 Cutting Board, 12 x 18 x .5", White

KaTom #: 080-CBWT1218

In Stock
$7.18 / Each
Update CBRE-1824
Update CBRE-1824 Poly Cutting Board - 18x24x1/2" Red

KaTom #: 370-CBRE1824

In Stock
$13.12 / Each
Winco CBBN1218
Winco CBBN1218 Cutting Board, 12 x 18 x .5", Brown

KaTom #: 080-CBBN1218

In Stock
$7.27 / Each
Update CBBL-1218
Update CBBL-1218 Poly Cutting Board - 12x18x1/2" Blue

KaTom #: 370-CBBL1218

In Stock
$7.00 / Each
Update CBRE-1218
Update CBRE-1218 Poly Cutting Board - 12x18x1/2" Red

KaTom #: 370-CBRE1218

In Stock
$7.00 / Each
Update CB-1824XH
Update CB-1824XH Poly Cutting Board - 18x24x1" White

KaTom #: 370-CB1824XH

In Stock
$23.08 / Each
Update CBGR-1824
Update CBGR-1824 Poly Cutting Board - 18x24x1/2" Green

KaTom #: 370-CBGR1824

In Stock
$13.12 / Each
Winco CBH-1520
Winco CBH-1520 Cutting Board, 15 x 20 x .75-in, White

KaTom #: 080-CBH1520

In Stock
$15.55 / Each
Winco CBH-1824
Winco CBH-1824 Cutting Board, 18 x 24 x .75", White

KaTom #: 080-CBH1824

In Stock
$22.22 / Each
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