Broilers use intense heat to achieve quick, efficient cooking. Cooking like this provides a caramelized finish that gives food a distinct flavor. While all equipment in this category shares the same basic cooking principle, each commercial broiler is designed for a specific use. Smaller ones like salamanders and cheese melters are best for lighter applications, such as caramelizing sugar on deserts or melting cheese. Vertical ones are known for cooking the meat used in gyros or shawarmas. Upright ones can produce high quantities of food quickly and are designed to conserve space in a busy kitchen.

Salamander Broiler

Salamander broilers provide versatility prized in many commercial kitchens, with the ability to prepare, finish, and hold a number of dishes.

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Horizontal Broiler

These horizontal broilers are specially designed to cook whole chickens in large numbers. The grate-top versions feature round rods so your birds will cook with...

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Cheese Melter

A cheesemelter can expand the capacity of a commercial kitchen, providing extra help with finishing food and metling cheese.

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Vertical Broiler

The vertical broiler is best known for roasting meat for gyros and shawarmas, with large cuts placed on a spit and slowly turned in front of vertical burners.

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Upright Broiler

An upright broiler combines one or more broiler decks with other kinds of cooking equipment to warm, bake and broil in a single unit. Its compact design makes i...

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