Steam Cooking Equipment

Whether you need a traditional food steamer or a versatile combi oven, you can find the commercial steam cooking equipment you need for your restaurant here.

Steam Kettle

Perfect for high-volume foodservice needs, a large capacity kettle will allow you to produce massive quantities of soups, stews, chili, and more.

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Braising Pan & Tilt Skillet

Shop KaTom's selection of manual- and power-tilt braising pans here, with capacities available from 10-gallon countertop units to 40-gallon floor models.

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Combi Oven

A combi oven pairs convection cooking with steam, providing the benefits of both in one unit. The controls allow for operation of steam or convection cooking.

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Steam Kettle Parts & Accessories

The right steam kettle parts and accessories can help you get the most out of your cooking equipment and shorten repair times.

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From countertop to commercial pressure steamers, this cooking equipment can improve your restaurant's output and versatility. Shop KaTom's selection of food ste...

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