Food Preparation Equipment

Chop, dice, emulsify, mix, and slice your way to success with the right food prep equipment. For prepping fresh produce for the salad bar or fryer, we have a number of different fruit and vegetable tools, some of which are dedicated to handling a specific product, while others can handle just about anything you'd want to put on a sandwich. Here you'll also find heavy-duty mixers for your bakery or pizzeria and commercial blenders and juicers for whipping up premium drinks.

Commercial Blender

A commercial blender is designed to hold up to the demands of a high-volume business, making them ideal for smoothie and juice bars.

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Commercial Food Processor

A commercial food processor saves countless hours of labor over prepping by hand. The many available attachments let you slice, chop, dice, and puree.

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Commercial Mixer

A commercial or industrial food mixer is an essential tool for any bakery or commercial restaurant for mixing batters, doughs, icings, sauces, and more. All-pur...

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Commercial Slicer

Find the right commercial slicer for your deli, sandwich shop, or diner. We have automatic and manual versions and those that can slice cheese.

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Immersion Blender

The immersion blender is a lightweight way to blend, puree, and mix soups, sauces, and sides. Process your dishes in the pot they cooked in to save time.

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Milkshake Mixer

Milkshake makers will create classic treats for your customers. They can create up to three milkshakes at once for busy ice cream shops and cafés.

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Meat Processing Equipment

Find all types of meat processing equipment here, along with guidance to help you select the meat grinder, tenderizer, or saw that suits your needs.

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French Fry Cutter

Whether you need wedges, french fries, ribbon cuts, or sliced garnishes, KaTom has equipment to help you make precise cuts that are ready for cooking.

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Vacuum Pack Machine

A vacuum pack machine is a great way to preserve foods longer, from fresh meat to fruits and vegetables for cold storage or sous vide cooking.

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Buffalo Chopper

The ultimate meat-processing machine, a buffalo chopper can handle hundreds of pounds an hour and make quick work of chopping fruits and vegetables.

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This selection of food prep equipment parts includes essential pieces for mixers, blenders, food processors, sous vide cookers, and more.

Fruit and vegetables tools include all the prep equipment you need to chop, shred, and slice fresh food for salads, sides, and whatever else you're serving.

Here you'll find manual and automatic juicers, as well as lemon squeezers that will enable you to create fresh juice, smoothies, cocktails, and mixers.

Some kitchen tasks simply cannot be done without the right kitchen accessories. Frying up a precisely round egg for breakfast sandwiches isn't possible without...

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