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Measuring by volume isn't always reliable, and when it comes to baking, accuracy is essential. That's why many bakers rely on a baking scale to measure ingredients by weight, instead. These bakers' scales are available in models that can measure as much as 16 pounds to facilitate bulk commercial baking. More

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Edlund BDS-16
Edlund BDS-16 Bakers Dough Scale 16 lb X 1/4 oz

KaTom #: 034-BDS16

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$517.93 / Each
Edlund BDS-8
Edlund BDS-8 Bakers Dough Scale 8 lb X 1/4 oz

KaTom #: 034-BDS8

Ships Free
$492.75 / Each
Edlund BDSS-16LS
Edlund BDSS-16LS Scale 16 lbs x 1/4 oz, Stainless Steel

KaTom #: 034-BDSS16LS

Ships Free
$585.41 / Each
Edlund BDSS-8LS
Edlund BDSS-8LS Scale 8 lbs x 1/4 oz, Stainless Steel

KaTom #: 034-BDSS8LS

Ships Free
$535.60 / Each
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Commonly Asked Questions About Baking Scales

What is a bakers' scale?

While many commercial baking operations use digital or mechanical scales, the term "baker's scale" or "baking scale" generally refers to a balance beam scale. These scales use a beam with a platform on each end and a balance point in the middle. The ingredients are placed on one side with weights on the other.

How do you use a baking scale?

To use a bakery scale, you will need the scale and a set of weights. Decide what amount of each ingredient you need and find the weight closest to that amount without going over. Place that weight on the left plate, then move the weight fastened to the center beam over until the weight on the center beam and the weight on the platform add up to your target amount. At this point, you can add your ingredient to the right platform until it is balanced with the left.

Do I need weights for a baking scale?

Yes. If your bakery scale is of the balance beam design, it will require weights. Many commercial baker's scales come with a set of weights, but they can also be purchased separately.

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