Holding Cabinet

Whether you're in the market for a proofer, a heated cabinet, or a combination model, there are many considerations to keep in mind when making your choice. To guide your decision, keep in mind what you'll be using the unit for, where it will be placed, and how often items will be added and removed.

Heated Cabinet

Browse KaTom's holding cabinet selection here. Our cabinets offer a variety of capacities and features that ensure your food stays deliciously warm.

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Proofing Cabinet

A proofing cabinet is crucial for achieving consistent results when baking dough-based products like bread and pizza crusts batch after batch.

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Insulated Food Carrier

From huge carrying carts to simple food delivery bags, KaTom has the insulated food carriers you need to serve your meals hot at any time and any place.

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Banquet Cart

Banquet carts help make lighter work of delivering dozens of guest meals to their tables in banquet halls and similar venues. They'll keep the food hot, too.

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Meal Delivery Cart

Use a meal delivery cart to provide servings to hospital patients or residents of a long-term care facility while protecting food quality and safety.

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Pizza Holding Cabinet

Browse KaTom's selection of pizza holding cabinets here to find the heating equipment you need to keep every pizza warm and safe from kitchen to table.

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Curing Cabinet

Browse KaTom's selection of curing cabinets here. Create your own brand of meats with an aging and curing process you oversee the whole way through.

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