Heated Holding Cabinet

Mobile Heated Cabinet

Mobile heated cabinets assist in transporting your hot foods, whether you're wheeling them through the building or across town to a catered event.

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Kitchen Hot Box

Keep your creations hot and ready to serve with a kitchen hot box. These boxes can help your kitchen handle surges in demand for popular dishes.

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Banquet Cart

Banquet carts help make lighter work of delivering dozens of guest meals to their tables in banquet halls and similar venues. They'll keep the food hot, too.

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Humidified Holding Cabinet

Humidified holding cabinets can keep hot food fresher for longer than equipment that offers heat alone. Many can be used to proof dough for baking bread.

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Pizza Holding Cabinet

A pizza holding cabinet equips you to hold dozens of pizzas in a fresh and ready-to-eat state so they can be baked ahead and served to order.

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Proofing Cabinet

A proofing cabinet is crucial for achieving consistent results when baking dough-based products like bread and pizza crusts batch after batch.

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