Combination Proofers / Heated Cabinet Buyer's Guide

Combination Proofing / Holding Cabinets: Additional Information

Combination proofing / holding cabinets are multifunctional with both a proofing function and a holding function. The proofing function of the cabinet is used to encourage the fermentation of dough by yeast by utilizing the warm temperatures and controlled humidity environment. The warm temperature environment increases the activity of the yeast, which results in increased carbon dioxide production, therefore offering a faster rise time. Dough typically rises in the proofer before it can be baked.The holding function of the cabinet works much as the name suggests. This function hold food products at a certain temperature to ensure product safety and freshness. Holding cabinets are for heated holding applications only and have a temperature control and passive humidity generation system.

Sizes of Combination Proofer/Heated Holding Cabinets

Undercounter Combination Proofer/Heated Holding CabinetsUndercounter 1/2 (Half) Height Combination Proofer/Heated Holding Cabinets1/2 Height 3/4 (3 quarter) Height Combination Proofer/Heated Holding Cabinets3/4 Height Full Height Combination Proofer/Heated Holding CabinetsFull Height
Combination proofer / heated holding cabinets are available in four different sizes to meet myriad needs: Full height, 3/4 height, 1/2 height, and undercounter.Full height proofer/heated holding cabinets are over 69" in height, and range from 69 3/4" up to 74-3/4". proofer/heated holding cabinets are slightly smaller than the full size versions, yet is still sizeable enough for large scale operations. Units that are 3/4 height are typically around 57 3/4"-62-3/4" in height. Half height proofer/heated holding cabinets are great for smaller applications that do not have as much space available. 1/2 height units range in height from 42 3/4" - 44-3/4". Undercounter proofer/heated holding cabinets are the smallest type of unit available from KaTom Restaurant Supply and are typically around 32.25" in height. These units are ideal for areas that have limited space and can be built or placed into an existing shelf or cabinet unit.

Types of Combination Proofer/Heated Holding Cabinets

There are three different types of combination proofer/heated holding cabinets. These commercial heated cabinets are available in non-insulated, insulated, and controlled temperature and humidity varieties. Non-insulated cabinets retain their warm temperatures because of their exterior construction. Most non-insulated heated cabinets are constructed from aluminum, which is an excellent conductor of heat and holds the temperatures well.Insulated cabinets typically have around 1" thick insulation to ensure proper heating of the unit and the contents. Glass door units have thermal insulated doors to ensure proper heating of the contents.Controlled temperature and humidity heated cabinets provide constant control over both temperature and humidity with the digitally controlled dual-element ducted heating and humidity system. The humidity and temperature are continuously controlled to ensure that proper temperature and humidity levels are maintained to keep products fresh and safe for consumption.

Doors Options for Combination Proofer/Heated Holding Cabinets

Solid Door VarietyFull SolidDutch Solid Door VarietyDutch SolidDutch Clear Door VarietyDutch ClearDutch Solid Door VarietyFull Clear
Combination proofer/heated holding cabinets are available with 4 different varieties of doors. Full clear, full solid, dutch clear, and dutch solid doors come on these units. Full height clear doors are constructed of one solid piece of high-quality glass. Clear glass doors allow you to view the contents of the cabinet without opening the door, minimizing warm air loss.Full solid doors are made from high quality aluminum or stainless steel, whichever material the cabinet itself is constructed from. Full solid doors are usually insulated to provide maximum heat retention and product freshness.Dutch clear doors are two smaller doors that allow you to access separate compartments of the cabinet. Clear glass doors allow you to view the contents of each section of the proofer/heated holding cabinet while keeping it closed.Dutch solid doors are also two smaller doors that allow easy access to individual sections of the cabinet. Solid doors are well insulated and usually scratch, dent, and corrosion resistant to minimize cleaning.

Shelf / Slide Types of Combination Proofer/Heated Holding Cabinets

Heated holding cabinet units are available in three different slide types. Commercial heating cabinets can be purchased with either fixed wire, universal, or lip load slides.

Combination Proofer/Heated Holding Cabinets Construction

Heated holding cabinets are constructed out of two different materials, either aluminum or stainless steel. Aluminum is typically used on non-insulated cabinets because it is an excellent conductor of heat and is relatively light weight. Aluminum units are lower priced than stainless steel units as well.Stainless steel cabinets are smooth and easy to clean. These dent and scratch resistant cabinets are extremely hard and durable as well, making them a popular choice.

Combination Proofer/Heated Holding Cabinets Specialty Options

The two specialty options offered on combination proofer/heated holding cabinets are pass thru or reach in models. Pass thru units are ideal for spaces that are large enough to accommodate cabinets that are not placed against a wall. Pass thru cabinets feature doors on both the front and back of the unit to allow easy access from nearly any angle. These units are often placed in areas where one person can place products in the cabinet and another person can take it out from the other side.

Reach in models feature one door and can be accessed from one side of the unit. These units are ideal for spaces that are limited and need the equipment placed against the walls to maximize available space.