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Banquet carts come in a number of sizes. The smallest can hold a couple dozen plates, while larger carts can transport more than 200 meals. These carts are built with external temperature gauges that let staff monitor internal temperatures to ensure that your guests' meals are being held at the ideal temperature. Thermostatic controls enable users to adjust heat when needed, and many banquet cabinets also feature built-in humidity systems to preserve the quality of food as it's transported to tables. More

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Carter-Hoffmann BB96
Carter-Hoffmann BB96 Heated Banquet Cabinet, (120) 10.5" Plate Capacit...

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Carter-Hoffmann BB150
Carter-Hoffmann BB150 Heated Banquet Cabinet, 180 10.5" Plate Capacity...

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Alto Shaam 1000-BQ2/96
Alto Shaam 1000-BQ2/96 Banquet Cart, 96 Plate Capacity, Dutch Doors, S...

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Common Questions About Banquet Carts

What should I consider when buying a banquet cart?

Size is the largest factor to consider when looking at banquet carts. Most of these units are sized based on the amount of plates they can hold. Some carts hold as few plates as 24, but larger units can accommodate 200 plates. Usually, this capacity is measured with the plates stacked, so purchasing heat-resistant plate covers should be considered. These covers retain heat to keep food warm longer, and if you aren't interested in using a banquet cart that requires plates covers, pick out a unit that holds plates on a wire rack without covers. Keep in mind that uncovered food will dry out quicker when it is held for long periods of time.

Heated banquet carts can be preheated before food is placed inside. When you're ready to transport the food, it just needs to be unplugged, and then can be plugged back in when you reach the destination. Most heated banquet carts keep food at warm, safe temperatures for hours even when unplugged.

Typically, banquet carts are used to keep food warm, but some are available for cold food as well. These units can switch between the two functions, adding versatility to banquet operations.

What are banquet carts typically made of?

Stainless steel banquet carts are heavy duty to support transport through your establishment, while polyethylene carts are a more lightweight option. This material is resistant to damage from impacts, so it works well in mobile applications. They also resist bubbling, cracking, chipping, and breaking. Banquet carts made of polyethylene come in a variety of colors, so they can be used in color-coded applications.

How does door size affect banquet carts?

Full-size doors on banquet carts provide the most convenient access to stored food, but when the door is opened, heat can quickly escape. Banquet carts with Dutch doors, also called half-size doors, are usually more energy efficient than units with full-size doors, and each door can be opened individually to leave smaller openings for heat to escape through.

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