Restaurant Kitchen Tools

Some kitchen tasks simply cannot be done without the right kitchen accessories. Frying up a precisely round egg for breakfast sandwiches isn't possible without an egg ring, and grating cheese by hand is hardly an efficient use of your time. Here you'll find all sorts of specific kitchen tools and gadgets that enable you to create precise dishes while saving time and energy.

Hamburger Press

Use a hamburger press to make perfectly formed patties. They're available in a number of sizes.

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Egg Rings

Fry up perfectly round eggs for breakfast sandwiches and more with an egg ring. Silicone and metal versions are available.

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Find a colander for your restaurant. We have them with and without bases so you can dry and drain anything from pasta to vegetables.

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Meat Tenderizers & Steak Weights

Serve the most tender meat when you keep a meat tenderizer handy. Choose from manual, handheld, and automatic versions.

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Cheese Slicer & Cheese Grater

From box graters to rasps, grating cheese for easy melting and presentation turns this chore into simple work.

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Egg Poacher & Slicer

Poach eggs the easy way with an egg poacher. Poach up to a dozen eggs at a time with poacher pan or individually in a cup.

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Spice Rack

Keep all your seasonings organized and easy to find with a spice rack. These will hold your spices by the jar or by the bin.

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Mortar and Pestle

Hand craft your own unique seasonings and garnishes with a classic mortar and pestle from our collection.

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Shrimp Deveiner

Shrimp is a popular dish, but it's important to keep your customers free from any unappetizing discoveries. This can be done easily with a shrimp deveiner.

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