Foodservice & Kitchen Brush

From cleaning equipment to basting meats, different types of kitchen brush play a role in many everyday kitchen tasks. Stock up from this selection to ensure staff in your bar, cook line, and dishroom all have the kitchen brushes they need.

Cleaning Brushes

Find the cleaning brushes you need here to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs, whether you're deep cleaning your oven or sprucing up your dining room baseboards.

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Glass Brush

Efficiently clean stubborn soil off of bar glasses with a glass brush. Choose a manual or electric-powered model.

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Bottle Brush & Decanter Cleaner

Clean those hard-to-reach parts of your serving vessels with a specialized bottle brush or decanter cleaner.

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Basting & Pastry Brush

Roast tender, juicy meats with a basting brush. Quickly spread butter on the crusts of your signature breads with a pastry brush.

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Fryer Brush & Clean-out Rod

Utilize a fryer brush and clean out rod in your routine cleaning process to remove buildup from the frypot and element, protecting your fryer and your product.

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