Catering Supplies

Catering is big business, and these catering supplies can help you serve a well-planned feast at conferences, concerts, weddings, and other events. From dinnerware and flatware to food carriers and buffet equipment, KaTom has the tools you need to set up an on-site mobile kitchen and get your culinary creations from point A to point B.

Flatware & Serveware Shop Now

No meal is complete without flatware and serveware. Find the tabletop utensils you need here.

Food Bar & Buffet Shop Now

Build a custom fresh food spread with food bars and accessories, whether you need a mobile hot bar or a salad bar on wheels.

Restaurant Dinnerware Shop Now

Find the precise pattern you need to highlight your style with a set from this diverse selection of dinnerware.

Food Carrier & Beverage Dispenser Shop Now

Make sure your food arrives on the scene hot and fresh by transporting it in a catering food carrier.

Chafer & Chafing Dish Shop Now

The chafer is the foundation of many successful catered events. Find the chafing equipment you need in a number of sizes and styles.

Serving Item Shop Now

From disposable champagne glasses to miniature skillets, find the serving items you need here to create a memorable event.

Trays & Tray Stands Shop Now

Streamline your serving process and make like easier on staff with trays and tray stands.

Commercial Carts Shop Now

Mobility is the name of the game in the catering world. Keep your business up to speed with the right commercial carts.

Tea Brewer Shop Now

Make your mobile tea service a success with the right tea brewer and all the tea accessories you need, from teapots to tea boxes.

Serving & Buffet Series Shop Now

Durable and mobile wares in the serving and buffet series include platters, plates, and bowls in rugged melamine and other break-resistant materials.

Hotel Pan Shop Now

Good for so much more than their name implies, steam table pans are the ultimate storage, transport, and serving containers.

Catering & Buffet Storage Containers Shop Now

Store your dishes, sides, and sauces safely with catering and buffet storage containers.

Airpot Coffee Brewer Shop Now

Make sure you never run out of your guests' favorite caffeinated beverage with an airpot coffee brewer.

Coffee Urn Shop Now

Prepare coffee for dozens and even hundreds of guests with a high capacity coffee urn.

Polycarbonate Food Pan Shop Now

Keep your culinary creations safe from spills in transit with food pans and accessories.

Portable Sink & Soak Sink Shop Now

Whether you need a portable hand washing station or an on-the-go prep setup, find what you need with portable sinks and prep carts.

Buffet Warmer Shop Now

Your hot food should be fresh when guests get to it. Ensure that is the case with a countertop buffet warmer.

Carving Station Shop Now

Present your guests with a freshly-carved main course with a heated carving station, which heats cuts from above and below.

Buffet Serving Utensil Shop Now

From tongs to spoons, find the buffet serving utensils you need to complete your serving line here.

Portable Bar Shop Now

Take the party virtually anywhere with a portable bar, complete with an ice bin and fixtures for a soda gun setup.

Buffet Stand and Riser Shop Now

Complete your buffet spread with trendy and attractive buffet stands and risers, available in all sorts of patterns and motifs.

Butane Stove Shop Now

The cooking doesn’t have to be confined to the kitchen. Portable butane stoves free up chefs to practice their art virtually anywhere.

Ice Sculpture Mold Shop Now

Create an unforgettable event with an ice sculpture mold and create everything from an ice dolphin to a functional Grecian bowl.

Cooling Tub Shop Now

Find the perfect cooling tub to serve your chilled drinks, from rustic galvanized models to elegant satin stainless.

Common Questions About Catering Supplies

What equipment is needed for catering?

Catering equipment plays a crucial role in preserving the quality and safety of food from prep to plating. When used in conjunction with pan carriers, food bars, and other buffet equipment, food pans aid in storing, transporting, reheating, and serving meals and meals components.

Since no meal is complete without beverages, some catering supplies help serve hot and cold drinks. Tea, coffee, and other hot drinks can be stored in and served from brewers or urns, while beverage dispensers can serve cold drinks like water, iced tea, and lemonade. Cooling tubs can be filled with ice and stocked with canned and bottled beverages. They provide bartenders and servers access to beverages and let guests grab their own drinks in self-service setups.

Catering supplies like serving utensils, dinnerware, disposable drinkware, and flatware will complete your service.

What catering equipment should I buy?

When you need to keep pre-cooked food out of the danger zone during transit, nothing beats a food pan carrier. These carriers may be insulated or heated for long hold times and are available in top- or end-loading designs. They are sized according to the number of pans they can accommodate, with some models holding as many as 24 pans.

Drop-in food wells can create a permanent serving station, but countertop buffet equipment like warmers and chafers can be used in temporary setups. Mobile self-serve buffets or cafeteria-style serving lines can also be set up with buffet stations, cold food bars, and steam tables mounted on casters.

Catering equipment like butane stoves, cooking carts, and carving stations can be used to spotlight guest chefs, cook menu items tableside, or offer made-to-order meal options. Portable bars enable caterers to add a temporary bar space to any event, while portable sinks can be set up to function as a server handwashing station to help ensure food safety at events without access to a permanent sink.

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