Airpot Coffee Brewer

Nothing is more comforting or welcoming than a steaming cup of fresh, hot coffee. But keeping coffee hot and fresh for your patrons can present a challenge; coffee that's left sitting on an electric warmer tends to develop a burnt taste. With a thermal airpot coffee maker, you can not only brew, but also serve and keep coffee warm for hours until it's ready to serve. More

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Bunn VPR-APS Pourover Airpot Brewer, Splash Guard Funnel

KaTom #: 021-332000010

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Thermal airpot coffee makers are a convenient way to brew, keep, and serve coffee. The ability of these brewers to keep coffee hot without burning is ideal for businesses that have a steady stream of coffee drinkers, but aren't serving whole batches of coffee as soon as it's brewed. They're also great for satellite serving stations, like kiosks and serve yourself cafes. These airpots are available in a number of sizes, with the smallest able to brew around 4 gallons per hour, while the largest can brew nearly 20. They're also available with a variety of options to make your coffee service simple and easy to execute.

Water Connection

These brewers are available in both automatic and pour-over varieties. An automatic unit may be ideal if you have access to water lines, as it will cut down on attention required to operate the unit and the labor required to fill the unit with every batch that is run. With a pour-over unit, however, you won't be tied to a line, which can make the unit more mobile and flexible. These may be better for caterers and other applications where mobility is needed.


A brewers funnel, the piece that holds the grounds, is available in a number of styles. All of them are designed to keep the area tidy and coffee where it belongs. The funnels may be made of durable, lightweight plastic, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, or a combination of both. Many of the funnels will have splash guards to help protect against spills and burns..


Thermal airpot brewers are available with one or two warmers. A unit with a single warmer will take up less space and might be more portable. One with two warmers, however, will allow you to keep twice as much coffee hot and will also give you the option to have two different types of brews warming at once.

Specialty Options

The specialty options of these airpot coffee brewers include variables in the number of brewers the unit has, as well as digital controls. Two brewers will enable you to craft more than one brew type at a time, such as regular or decaffeinated or flavored coffees. Digital functions will allow you to automate brew times and recipes. This may be beneficial in operations with high employee turn-over and those that serve very high volumes at once. Many also offer a hot water dispenser, which is convenient for making cereal, tea, and other hot beverages. These units typically do not include the airpot, which gives you the freedom to choose the best airpot to suit your needs. Some of the units will even have adjustable bases that will easily accommodate the wider bottoms of some of the airpots.