Commercial Dishwasher

Ensure proper sanitation in your dish room by using a heavy duty restaurant dishwasher from KaTom Restaurant Supply. KaTom sells restaurant dishwashers in a large array of sizes and types to best meet your business's dish washing needs. KaTom Supply also carries commercial dishwasher accessories like racks and more! Browse KaTom's fine selection of commercial dishwashers to find the best model for your needs!

Undercounter Dishwasher

Great for coffee shops, bars, small restaurants and other operations with limited space, an undercounter dishwasher is affordable, easy to operate, efficient, a...

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Door Type Dishwasher

If your kitchen is short on space but needs high volume production, then consider getting a door type dishwasher. These units have a space-saving design that ca...

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Pot & Pan Washers

A pot and pan washer is designed to easily get stuck-on food off cookware. Besides pots and pans, mixer bowls, trays, and food pans often get washed in them. A...

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Available in straight, U, and, L shapes, and with or without a built-in sink, dishtables give your staff plenty of room to work.

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Dishwasher - Additional Items

We offer additional items for your dishwasher in order to reduce labor costs or create more space. A dish rack unloader can reduce the work load on your employe...

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Conveyor Dishwasher

A conveyor dishwasher can help speed up production and save on labor costs. Perfect for high volume settings like cafeterias, schools, casinos or other large es...

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Circular Dishwasher

Originally designed for submarines, circular dishwashers can now be found in many food service establishments. Their space-saving design distributes the wash ac...

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We carry a wide selection of dishwasher accessories. Glass and dish racks are a necessity and we have a large selection. We also have cutlery bins to organize c...