Dish & Glass Rack Extenders

To ensure you can find the right ones for your operation, glass rack extenders and dish rack extenders are available in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors. Glass rack extenders can be added to compartment racks, creating additional height to accommodate taller glasses or creating a barrier between glasses in racks to prevent them from knocking into each other during the washing process. Dish rack extenders are used on peg dish racks for similar reasons. More

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Vollrath TRA
Vollrath TRA Full-Size Dishwasher Rack Extender - Red

KaTom #: 175-TRA02

$88.34 / 1 Dozen
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Common Questions About Dish Rack Extenders & Glass Rack Extenders

What is the difference between a glass extender rack and a dish rack extender?

Although they are essentially the same thing, glass rack and dish rack extenders differ in the types of racks they're meant to be used with. Glass rack extenders are used with compartment racks, and dish rack extenders are used with peg dish racks.

What color glass rack extender do I need?

Dishmachine accessory manufacturers understand that operators want to customize their commercial kitchen's workflow, so glass rack extenders and dish rack extenders are available in a variety of colors, from beige and gray to blue, red, and yellow. You may wish to implement a color-coded system organized by a glass's intended use, such as a red extender to indicate red wine glasses and a blue extender that pairs with water glasses. No matter which extender or extenders you purchase, remember to keep your system consistent to avoid confusion among your back-of-house staff.

How do rack extenders work?

Glass rack extenders and dish rack extenders attach to dish racks through a series of rectangular tabs and holes. These additions are permanent, so they cannot be switched out for a different extender later. However, an additional extender could be added to the top of the unit.

How do I know I'm purchasing the correct extenders?

Extenders are not universally compatible with dish or glass racks from other manufacturers, and some manufacturers may have multiple series of racks to choose from. To avoid purchasing extenders that are not compatible with your racks, you may wish to speak to a KaTom customer care representative to verify that you're selecting the correct extenders for your racks prior to completing your order.

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